Older iPhones charge very slowly with MagSafe

Do you want to use the new MagSafe charger with an older iPhone? You can, but it is not a good idea. Your smartphone will then charge very slowly.

MagSafe does not work well with older iPhones

MacRumors put it to the test: can you use the new MagSafe charger with an older iPhone? The answer is yes, you can. All iPhones that support wireless charging are in theory suitable for MagSafe. But it is not a good idea.

Only the iPhone 12 models have strong magnets in the housing. These ensure that the charger is always in the right place and help with an efficient transfer of power. If you use MagSafe with an older iPhone, it suddenly becomes a very slow wireless charger.

MacRumors tried to charge an iPhone XS Max with MagSafe. After half an hour, the battery was only 13 to 14 per cent full. By way of comparison: with a normal wireless charger of 7.5 watts, the same iPhone got 25 or 26 per cent battery juice in half an hour.Older iPhones charge very slowly with MagSafe

MagSafe is certainly not a good solution for older smartphones from Apple. With this new technique, you can charge the iPhone 12 quite quickly, but with previous models, you are better off with a normal wireless charger. You can of course also use a regular charger with wire.

MagSafe is the future

MagSafe may not work well with older iPhones, but for the iPhone 12, it is an excellent charger. It is also probably the first step towards an iPhone without a charging port.

There have been rumours for years that Apple wants to delete the charging port altogether. That is in line with the company’s philosophy: such a strange hole at the bottom of your iPhone naturally detracts from the design. Without a port, it is probably also easier to make iPhones water-resistant.

There are quite a few snags to portless iPhones. After all, you can no longer physically connect your device to a Mac and you can never use wired headphones again. Still, we think MagSafe is the future.

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