OnePlus 6 Wireless charging | Look quickly!

All wireless charging for the OnePlus 6 in one convenient overview. Is your battery empty and you don’t like to keep plugging that cable back into your phone? Then we recommend buying a wireless charger

Buy a wireless QI charger for the OnePlus 6

A wireless charger, also called a wireless charger, has several advantages. You just put your OnePlus 6 on the pad and charging can start. A big advantage of a wireless charger is that you don’t have to put a cable in your OnePlus 6 every time.

An original OnePlus wireless charger

If you have a phone of the OnePlus brand, we can imagine that you also want an original OnePlus charger for your OnePlus 6. On this page, you can filter on different specifications. Here you can also indicate that you are looking for a wireless charger from OnePlus.

Wireless charging with a cover on your OnePlus 6

Many people wonder whether their OnePlus phone can still charge wirelessly if there is a cover on the OnePlus 6. We can respond to this very briefly. The answer is yes. The wireless QI charging is so strong that the phone and the wireless charger just make contact when there is a cover on the phone. Sometimes the phone charges a bit slower but this is almost unnoticeable.Fast wireless charging exclusive to Google Stand

Wireless fast charging for the OnePlus 6

Wireless fast chargers have been developed to charge your phone extra quickly. These wireless chargers ensure that your OnePlus 6 is fully charged within a short time so that you can use it again. Avoid being unreachable, so always make sure your phone is charged! This fast charging function must be compatible with your phone. If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact our customer service.

Wireless charger with cable

A cable is often not included with a wireless charger. This is something that is expected. In many cases, you can just use the charger that came with your OnePlus 6. Unfortunately, with the advent of USB-C, this is no longer always the case. Fortunately, at it is possible to purchase a bundle of wireless charger with cable.

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