“Some OnePlus 8 Pro users cannot stream HD content”

Not all users of the OnePlus 8 Pro can view HD content via, for example, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. This has to do with the so-called DRM level for Google Widevine. That is not the right level for every 8 Pro.

OnePlus 8 Pro and HD content

The OnePlus 8 Pro has a large screen of 6.78 inches with a high resolution of 3168 by 1440 pixels. Enjoying that high resolution is not for every user of this device. Several users report that they cannot view HD content.

This has to do with the so-called Widevine level, which is not the right level for every OnePlus 8 Pro. Widevine level L1 is required to play HD images, while multiple users of the 8 Pro get stuck at level L3. Widevine regulates the rights management for various applications and, in addition to the quality of the images, also ensures that videos cannot be copied.

The problem has been going on for weeks

oneplus-8-pro-netflixProblems with watching HD content has been going on for several weeks, according to the official OnePlus forum. It is difficult to determine when the problem exactly arose. Users with OxygenOS 10.5.5 and 10.5.6 report these issues, but also with the latest 10.5.8 software, there are users with the lesser Widevine level L3.

The support department of OnePlus acknowledged the problems in early May in a tweet, which has since been removed. Android Planet has asked OnePlus Netherlands if these problems are known and if and when a solution appears. Several US websites write that users have been asked to return their device to OnePlus so that they can update.

The same happened a few years ago with devices from the Chinese manufacturer. Then it was the OnePlus 5T, which had the same problems with Widevine. Not being able to watch HD streams does not apply to every OnePlus 8 Pro user. On our device (with OxygenOS 10.5.8) the Widevine level is still at L1, so Prime Video, Disney Plus, or Netflix can still be viewed in high resolution.

Check Widevine level yourself

Do you have an OnePlus 8 Pro or another device and are you curious about the Widevine level of your device? Download the application below from the Play Store and scroll to ‘Widevine CDM’. At the ‘Security level,’ you can see the Widevine level of your device. If you see L1 there, then there is nothing wrong and you can enjoy HD images from streaming services. If you see L3 there, you can only watch streams of lesser quality.

→  Download DRM Info in the Play Store  (free)

More about the OnePlus 8 Pro

In recent weeks, the OnePlus 8 Pro has been in the news more often, including problems with a green tint of the screen. There are some privacy concerns about a certain possibility of the camera and there is also a temporary shortage of parts for the device. Curious about our experiences with this device, check out our extensive OnePlus 8 Pro review or the video below.

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