OnePlus’ design for Android 11 copies Samsung’s One UI?

The designs of the Android 11 software from OnePlus have been revealed. There are clear similarities with One UI from Samsung, and the company has been criticized for this.

OnePlus HydrogenOS 11

HydrogenOS is the Chinese variant of OnePlus’ OxygenOS shell for smartphones, and OnePlus is now presenting its designs for the Chinese software shell. ITHome reports this. The Chinese brand comes out with large titles and a lot of white space in, among other things, its messaging app and settings.

I probably do not need to list more or Samsung users will already ring a bell. OnePlus is therefore criticized by fans and media that the similarities with the designs of Samsung are very striking.

In the gallery below we see images from TechDroider that directly compares the new shell to OneUI. We do recognize OnePlus’ own font, but it does seem that the brand was going to get the mustard in South Korea for many ideas.

Features and memory management

OnePlus also comes with improvements for the weather app, an always-on screen, and a new mode that allows you to operate your phone smoothly with one hand. In addition, the company has also tinkered with the dark mode for a more consistent experience.

OnePlus also comes with a significant technical change, which is an improvement in ORM memory management. That is to say, OnePlus may want to change the way phones handle background processes.

While the company has suggested improvements before, OnePlus still shuts down background apps too aggressively, causing an app to need more boot time if you want to use them again later.


Samsung launched its brand-new One UI shell last year which, due to its modern and sleek appearance, has received a lot of positive response, but it seems that OnePlus now wants to match that success with its Android 11 software.

For now we only get to see a preview of HydrogenOS, and we can possibly expect more changes with the final version and the release of OxygenOS. We expect the latter in the coming weeks.

What do you think of the designs we see here? Do you find it disturbing that there are similarities with the shell of Samsung? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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