OnePlus turns off color filter camera after privacy concerns

OnePlus will switch off the fourth camera lens on its OnePlus 8 Pro, the color filter. It can let users see through some materials unexpectedly, which creates privacy concerns.

OnePlus 8 Pro

Recently, the OnePlus 8 Pro appeared with a camera setup that consists of four lenses, and in addition to the usual main camera, wide-angle camera and telephoto camera OnePlus unpacked with a special color filter. The intention of that sensor was that users could experiment with nice color effects in their photos, but that changed last week.

Then users discovered that the camera can see through certain objects by capturing infrared light. The function works with some types of plastic and fabric, but only when it comes to very thin materials. Still, the discovery raised privacy concerns, which is why OnePlus announced on Chinese social media that it plans to turn off the color filter camera with an update next week.

Disable filter

“To mitigate the impact on users’ privacy in potentially extreme cases, we have decided to disable the filter through a software update. We will roll out the update next week,” said OnePlus. Yet users have not yet seen the last of the color filter and in particular, the autumn filter that creates the transparent effect.OnePlus turns off color filter camera

“In addition, we see that many OnePlus 8 Pro users like the autumn filter and use it to take a lot of interesting landscape photos,” said the Chinese company. OnePlus is looking for a technical solution and then wants to bring back the color filter. That is also a logical move, because the color filter camera is part of the premium phone that OnePlus users paid for, and OnePlus previously released four cameras on the back of the OnePlus 8 Pro.

Can you successfully look through objects with the OnePlus 8 Pro camera, and are you going to miss the function? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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