OnePlus Launcher: improved ‘Recent apps’ menu and ‘Quick Search’

The OnePlus Launcher has a new version that brings a completely new Recent apps menu along with a Quick Search gesture. We discuss the novelties here.

OnePlus Launcher

The OnePlus Launcher is a relatively smooth and bare interpretation of the Android home screen, although OnePlus does add a series of improvements of its own compared to Google’s own Pixel Launcher. With the new version 4.4 of OnePlus Launcher, that is no different, and first, there is the recent apps menu which gets a series of changes as already teased in OnePlus‘ recent Q&A session.OnePlus Launcher

We immediately notice the new menu that the maps of all your active apps are shown a bit smaller so that the menu seems less crowded and bombastic. In addition, only the name of the app is shown at the top of the cards, because the icons move to the bottom. This makes it easier to see between which apps you scroll exactly. Furthermore, the menu with the three dots with which you can open an app in split-screen mode has disappeared, and you can now activate those options by long-pressing a map.OnePlus Launcher

Quick Search

OnePlus also comes with the new Quick Search gesture that helps you find certain apps faster without having to scroll through your app list. From the home screen, swipe up to open your app drawer as usual, but with this gesture, you must first press and hold the application dock at the bottom before you swipe. You will immediately end up in the search bar from which you can search for apps and folders.Quick Search

Finally, OnePlus devices can now open apps in a windowed view, similar to the way Chromebooks and applications like Samsung DeX do. Search for ‘Freeform windows’ from the developer options. What do you think of the new Recent apps menu? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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