OnePlus Launcher gets important update: this is new

OnePlus has updated its launcher. The launcher, which is standard installed on OnePlus smartphones, now works smarter and contains several new features. Tech largest lists the changes.

OnePlus launcher updated

The OnePlus Launcher has been updated to version 4.4.2, an update that you install by updating the app via the Play Store. The app only works on OnePlus smartphones like the older OnePlus 6T and new models like the OnePlus 8.

The search function to find an app has been improved. Instead of swiping up, clicking the search box and typing the name of the app, you can now swipe up and keep your finger on the screen. The search bar then opens immediately and the keyboard appears, so you can type right away.OnePlus Launcher gets important update

The recent apps and games window has also been overhauled. The app icon and three-dot menu have been removed, making the window appear calmer. The app icons are now below the screens, so you can find the right app or game faster. You can also swipe over those little icons. Press and hold a screen to expand the options. You used to do this via the dots menu.

Windows in free form

Another innovation is the possibility to use an app as a floating window. This is especially useful if you have an app open and want to check something quickly, without switching windows or running the two apps side by side. However, you have to enable the feature yourself. You do this as follows;

  1. Open ‘Settings’;
  2. Click on ‘About the phone’;
  3. Press the ‘Build number’ ten times;
  4. In the ‘Settings’ go to ‘System’;
  5. Choose ‘Developer options’;
  6. Swipe down and activate ‘Enable free-form windows’;
  7. Restart your smartphone;
  8. Open the recent apps window and hold the app you want to make floating longer;
  9. Choose ‘Free form’.

→ Download the OnePlus Launcher in the Play Store (free)

Use the launcher on OnePlus devices

As mentioned, the OnePlus Launcher only works on smartphones from the manufacturer. The latest devices from OnePlus are the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. Want to know more about the OnePlus 8 series? Read our OnePlus 8 review or OnePlus 8 Pro review, or watch the video review of the latter smartphone.

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