‘OnePlus leaks five upcoming phones via its own website’

The fact that OnePlus is working on new phones should not be seen as a surprise. What is striking is that five names of phones have been leaked through the website. One of the support pages even points out that an OnePlus 8T Pro is on the way.

OnePlus leaks five upcoming phones

OnePlus 8T series

In other years, the range of OnePlus phones was very easy: at the beginning of the year, around May or June, the first high-end phone was released. The T series followed in October or November, an upgraded variant of the first high-end phone of the year. This strategy was adapted with the OnePlus 7 series. Instead of one phone per reveal, it now released a normal and Pro variant.Leaked OnePlus 8T (left) versus the OnePlus 8 Pro (right)

Leaked OnePlus 8T (left) versus the OnePlus 8 Pro (right)

It seemed that OnePlus would adjust this strategy with the OnePlus 8T again. To date, no details of the OnePlus 8T Pro have been leaked. An OnePlus support page indicates that an 8T Pro may still be on the way. This mainly concerns the web address, in which the ‘8T Pro’ naming convention is included: https://guide.oneplus.com/oneplus8tpro/o2/11_0/en.

Nord appliances

Apart from the OnePlus 8T Pro, Evan Blass – the rumor maker who tracked down the web addresses – managed to find four other upcoming OnePlus phones. We see, among other things, two Nord phones, in addition to the previously introduced OnePlus Nord. One of the models appears to support 5G, while both devices come out of the box with OxygenOS 10.5.0.

OnePlus SS9805

In the series with links, one inexplicable device can be found, with the model name ‘SS9805’. It seems to be a phone, but it is unlikely that this name will be used for a future launch. Like the OnePlus 8T (Pro), the SS9805 runs out of the box on OxygenOS 11.0, based on Android 11. Further details are unknown; chances are OnePlus created the link in advance, and the project was stranded at a later date.With the OnePlus Nord , the manufacturer started to expand its range

With the OnePlus Nord, the manufacturer started to expand its range

This also applies to all links in this series: take the information with a large grain of salt. There is some consensus about the OnePlus 8T Pro, the chance that this device will be released is relatively small. What do you think about the new rumors, will there be an OnePlus 8T Pro? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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