OnePlus will release fewer open and closed betas

OnePlus will now release fewer betas of its OxygenOS firmware. The manufacturer does this because the group of beta testers is now very different from when it started with its beta programs.

OnePlus Less open and closed betas

We’re used to OnePlus releasing four closed and two open beta versions every month for all supported devices. Stable updates, on the other hand, only appear once a month. OnePlus has now adjusted this schedule.

As of now, the company will only release two closed and one open beta versions per month. Fortunately, it has not made any changes to the stable release schedule. So users still receive their monthly security patches.OnePlus will release fewer open and closed betas

OnePlus says to release fewer betas because it wants to deliver better firmware with fewer bugs. The manufacturer believes it can achieve this by spending more time on optimization before releasing an update. This makes the firmware more pleasant to use, while users can still enjoy new functions at an early stage.

The main reason for this step is that the number of participants in the open beta program has reached a new peak. The company says that a long time ago, this group mainly consisted of extra technically savvy users. Now this group is much larger and more diverse. By releasing fewer betas, the company has more time to process all feedback properly.

What is the difference between the betas?

The closed beta versions are for a selected group of about 100 people by phone. These are the first versions of new firmware updates, so they are still full of bugs and are anything but stable. However, closed betas include the latest features, allowing beta testers to try them out first. In the meantime, as many bugs as possible are resolved.

As a result, the open beta versions emerge. These are public, so anyone with an OnePlus device can download and install them. The biggest bugs were removed with the closed beta, making the firmware stable enough to be used by more people. After a large amount of feedback from this phase, the stable software update appears for all OnePlus users.

OnePlus is always very strong in updating its phones. Recently it released an update for the OnePlus Launcher. This Launcher update comes with a few new features and improvements for the manufacturer’s own phones, including the new OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

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