OnePlus Nord: Some screens show unrealistic shades

Some OnePlus Nord users complain of green or purple hues on the screen. In response, OnePlus states that it is a known problem with OLED screens. OnePlus Nord screen problems shades.

OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus Nord is OnePlus’ cheaper alternative to the OnePlus 8 series. Despite the lower price of 399 euros, the device still comes with a quality 90 Hz AMOLED screen that has a size of 6.44 inches and a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels. The panel supports HDR 10 for richer colors.

Still, there is a problem with the Nord’s screen with certain users, 9To5Google reports. Some Nord phones display unrealistic green or purple hues when adjusting brightness and low brightness. The problem is particularly visible in a dark environment.

If you manually adjust the brightness, you can set it so that you avoid the strange purple and green tones, but with automatic brightness, you will still see them if the phone itself determines the brightness.

Hardware problem

It is not clear how many OnePlus Nord devices suffer from the screen problem, but in a response, OnePlus states that the problem is more common with OLED screens. “Under specific conditions of dark light and low brightness, you may see a slight color problem.

This may be due to the features of the AMOLED screen,” OnePlus admits in a statement at 9To5Google. “This is not a quality issue and it does not affect the screen’s durability,” the company OnePlus Nord screen problems shades.

Earlier it became known that The OnePlus 8 series also suffered from screen problems, and in some cases, OnePlus could offer a solution with a software update. However, this time OnePlus states that it is a hardware issue, and it is not known what measures the company will take to see a fix for users experiencing the screen issues.

Our review copy of the OnePlus Nord does not show unrealistic shades. You can read our review of the OnePlus Nord here. Do you notice the problems with your phone? Then let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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