OnePlus disables ‘X-Ray’ filter on international devices

OnePlus introduced infrared sensors on the 8 Pro that, as it turned out after the launch of the OnePlus 8 series, allow you to see through plastic and even (thin) clothing. The function would disappear from the Chinese devices: this now also happens accidentally on all international devices.

OnePlus 8 (Pro)

OnePlus uses infrared sensors on the 8 Pro: users could enable a Photochrom filter via the device’s camera app. Ben Geskin reported via Twitter that the filter allows passing through materials such as plastic look around.

Unbox Therapy reported that it was also possible to see through clothing as long as it was thin enough. OnePlus was aware of the media attention the X-Ray feature had received and decided to disable the feature in China via an Over The Air (OTA) update.

Photochrom filter on the OnePlus 8 Pro devices in action

The company had announced on May 19 that it has “no plans” to disable this feature on international devices. Instead, the company would roll out an update to the 8 Pro that would tweak the filter’s effects.

OnePlus, according to XDA-Developers, suddenly had a different route ahead. The Photochrom filter will be removed first and will return in June, according to the update notes of a recent OTA update that was rolled out worldwide. There seems to have been a mistake, as can be read in a response from OnePlus on its own forum.

Unintentional rollout

In the reaction of the Chinese manufacturer, it can be read that the rollout of the update has accidentally ended up on international OnePlus 8 Pro devices. This function will be restored again via an upcoming OTA update. If you have received the update, you can expect an update in the long term that will enable the function again.

It is unknown whether that update will also bring the changes that OnePlus had previously promised. If the update is ready, you can always decide not to continue the installation and still enjoy the Photochrome filter, with its X-Ray functionality.

As indicated, the color filter lens on the 8 Pro is responsible for the X-Ray effect. Infrared is a specific type of radiation that allows you to see through materials such as plastic and fabric.

Infrared is usually used in heat cameras, or in special cameras for the fire brigade that can understand the thick smoke in a fire. The functionality on the OnePlus 8 Pro is also very selective: not all plastic materials can be fathomed by the infrared sensor. Black remote controls and thin (black) fabrics, in particular, are transparent with the filter.

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