‘OPPO Reno 4 specifications and design are on the street’

OPPO launched the OPPO Reno 3 in China in December. In Europe, the Chinese Reno 3 devices got a different name: they are known here as the X2 Lite and X2 Neo. It is now time in China for the successor, the OPPO Reno 4 specifications – the design of the phone has already leaked.

OPPO Reno 4 (Pro)

OPPO is sticking to a six-month launch period in its Reno series. In December, the Chinese manufacturer showed the OPPO Reno 3 and Reno 3 Pro – devices that have only recently been put in the spotlight in the Benelux as the X2 Lite and X2 Neo. While we can enjoy this X2 series in the Benelux, China is focused on the successors: the Reno 4 series.

Photos of the Reno 4 were leaked via Weibo – the images are said to come from Chinese shops, where the device has been put in the spotlight. The photos show that the device will be available in at least two colors.OPPO Reno 4 (Pro)

Official ads for the Reno 4 have already appeared in Chinese stores

We see a blue and orange version of the Reno 4; what is striking is that OPPO has placed ‘glow’ in bold on the back of the devices. It is unknown what this text should refer to – it may be a gradient color, but it could also represent another detail.

At the back of the phone we also find the camera module, with space for four sensors. As with the iPhone 11 series, small cylinders protrude, although positioned vertically on the Reno 4. In addition to the bottom camera sensor, we find a fourth circle that resembles a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor.

Ultra Steady

With the camera module, OPPO has also placed a reference to a ‘Super Steady’ camera – often a camera sensor with optical (OIS) and / or electronic (EIS) image stabilization. In the Chinese text on either side of the phone, OPPO would also refer to a function of the cameras on the Reno 4: a ‘Super Night Scene Video’.

It may be a night mode you can use for videos, so far night modes on phones have been limited to photos. In practice, it could mean that you can shoot decent videos in the evening.Ultra Steady

OPPO’s Reno 4 will be available in blue and orange (with a gradient)

Not to be forgotten are the references to the 5G support for the Reno 4 and fast charging with 65 watts. This gives the Reno 4 one function that was missing with the Reno 3, 65-watt charging. When OPPO will launch the Reno 4 is unknown.

Since the device has now surfaced in the first Chinese stores, a launch will not belong in coming. In Europe, the waiting time on the device will probably continue a little longer, as with the X2 Lite and X2 Neo. What do you think of the appearance of the upcoming Reno 4? Let us know in the comments below the article.

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