Tip: Use multiple Apple Watches with an iPhone

Do you have multiple Apple Watches, for example one for the day and one for sports? Then it is possible to link it to the same iPhone. You do this in four steps.

Link multiple Apple Watches to one iPhone

An Tech largest Apple Watch is a personal device. You can personalize the smartwatch by adding different apps, quick glances, and watch faces. Those who have multiple Apple Watches can easily add these smartwatches to one iPhone:

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone and tap the ‘My Watch’ tab;
  • Choose your Watch at the top of the screen;
  • Select ‘Link new Watch’;
  • Go through the steps to pair the new Apple Watch to your iPhone.

Link multiple Apple Watches to one iPhoneYou can indicate whether you want to set the newly paired smartwatch as new or restore a previously made backup. It is possible to pair multiple Apple Watches with the same iPhone.

Switch between Apple Watches

Because the Apple Watch is such a personal device, only one watch can be active at a time. Do you want to switch Watch? Then take off the current watch, put on the other, and lift your wrist (or move your arm). Although each watch has its own settings, the Activity and Workout information is shared. This is useful because it allows you to keep track of exactly how active you have been today.Switch between Apple Watches

By default, the iPhone automatically switches from Watch when you put on another watch. Do you want to disable this feature? Then open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the ‘My Watch’ tab. Tap the Apple Watch, then slide the toggle on Auto Swap to turn the box gray. From now on you have to let yourself know which watch you are using by selecting the watch at the top of the screen.

More tips for your Apple Watch

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