Poco F2 Pro bombarded with fire and knives, will it survive the test?

The Poco F2 Pro has passed a durability test in which Youtuber JerryRigEverything scratches it and exposes it to fire. The phone and its pop-up camera passed the Poco f2 pro fire knife test.

Poco F2 Pro

The Poco F2 Pro made the news as the cheapest phone that comes with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, so Poco has again managed to push the price of its devices. Although that raises questions among critics, because in which areas did Poco save? On sustainability? Youtuber JerryRigEveryhing went to sort it out with a range of knives and a lighter.

In his last video, the well-known Youtuber indicates that he usually sees when manufacturers place a plastic screen protector on top of a glass screen, but this is not the case with the Poco F2 Pro. He only notices it when he scratches it with his knife. JerryRigEverything also moves the knife along the fine speaker grill where the telephone speaker is located, but it does not come off. He also notes that Poco uses glass on the back and chooses aluminum on the frame and buttons. There is a plastic edge between the screen and the aluminum of the frame.Damage pop-up camera

Damage pop-up camera

Another target is the pop-up camera, which has glass on the camera section and plastic on the sides and back of the pop-up module. Zack Nelson, as the Youtuber is actually called, also notes that the phone is “fighting back”. He tried to damage the pop-up camera with the knife, after which it pulls itself back and Nelson hits the finger with his knife.poco f2 pro fire knife test

The moment when the pop-up camera gets stuck

The pop-up camera also automatically retracts into the housing if it detects a fall. JerryRigEverything tries one last time to damage the pop-up camera’s motor by pressing it fast and hard against the table. After three attempts, it succeeds, and the motor no longer succeeds in moving the module, but that system calibrates after a while and the motor functions again. Strong.

Nelson also fails to permanently damage by exposing the screen to fire, because some of the pixels become white, but then function normally again. You can, therefore, say that the Poco F2 Pro has passed the test, and you can watch the full video below. In it, you see how the phone “fights back” twice and turns against Nelson seemingly with moments.

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