You just put this portable air conditioner in your t-shirt

The Sony Reon Pocket is a portable air conditioner shirt that you have to keep cool during the hot summers. The product is now on sale in Japan.

Sony Reon Pocket

The  Reon Pocket is a ‘portable air conditioner’ that Sony launched last year through a crowdfunding project. The manufacturer now markets the product for about 125 euros on the Japanese market.

You place the Reon Pocket in a pocket on the inside of a specially designed t-shirt. That bag is on the back below the neck. Then you connect the device via Bluetooth to a corresponding app with which you can regulate the temperature of the Reon Pocket.Sony Reon Pocket

The temperature depends on the weather or the preference you indicate in the app. There is an automatic mode that automatically adjusts to the temperature. When this mode is enabled, cooling at the start of a hike will not be as easy. But the effect gradually increases as you walk further and it gets warmer. The Reon Pocket can get about 13 degrees Celsius cooler.

Battery runs out quickly

It actually works by absorbing or giving off heat. The effect is then a cool or warm feeling. The Sony Reon Pocket works as both heating and air conditioning. So you can use it all year round. Unfortunately, the battery of the Reon Pocket only lasts 2.5 hours, so you will have to charge it regularly. Then you can use a USB-C connection.

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