Apple doubles price of RAM upgrade 13-inch MacBook Pro

Price 13 inch MacBook Pro RAM upgrade doubled. Putting some extra RAM into your new 13-inch MacBook Pro is going to cost more. Apple has quietly doubled the price.

13-inch MacBook Pro RAM: price doubled

When buying a new MacBook, you always get the option to put some extra storage or RAM for a higher price. That is now a bit more expensive with the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. Apple has doubled the price of additional RAM.

The step from 8GB RAM to 16GB RAM previously cost 125 euros. Now you have to deposit 250 euros for that. If you have already ordered this MacBook Pro, then you are in luck. New buyers pay more for the same. The price for the standard version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro without upgrades has remained the same.MacBook Pro 2020


Apple often adjusts prices of upgrades, but usually, the prices are lowered. Why Apple increases the cost of extra RAM this time is unclear. It may have to do with deficits related to the corona crisis. Yet many factories have been reopened in China.

It could also be that the price was wrong initially. The same upgrade for the MacBook Air also costs 250 euros. With this adjustment, the price is the same for both devices.

Pro and Air

The 13-inch MacBook Pro was released a month ago. One of the main improvements in this model is the new keyboard. No longer is the butterfly mechanism used that caused many problems, but a keyboard with a scissor mechanism. Dust and crumbs are less likely to throw a spanner in the works. Read more about the improvements in this new Macbook.

Are you unsure whether you should get the new MacBook Pro or the latest MacBook Air? We put the two laptops side by side and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of both devices.

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