This is how you scan a QR code with your iPhone (without a separate app)

You don’t need a separate app to scan QR codes with your iPhone. Apple has added this function to the standard camera app. In this tip, we will show you how to do a QR code scan with your iPhone.

This is how you scan a qr code with your iPhone

A qr code is a square barcode that you can scan with your iPhone. The code often refers you to a website or a specific page on a website. You can find QR codes everywhere: on packaging, posters and even at restaurants.

On the page to which the qr code refers, you can read more about nutritional values, background information, a menu or information about a specific promotion. Qr codes are also used for payment requests, such as with Tikkie or in ING’s mobile banking app. Follow the steps below if you want to open a qr code from your iPhone.

  1. Check in the Settings app under ‘Camera’ whether the option ‘Scan QR codes’ is enabled;
  2. Open the Camera app;
  3. Point your iPhone at the qr code you want to scan. A yellow frame will appear around the qr code;
  4. At the top you will receive a notification of the scanned qr code. Click on this and the website will open automatically in your default browser.

Try it for yourself here:scan QR code iPhone

Shortcut in the Control Panel

When scanning a qr code, always look carefully at the url you are being sent to. Malicious people can send you to unsafe websites after scanning . Since iOS 12 , it is possible to add a handy shortcut to the control panel. You do this as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Scroll down and choose ‘Control Panel’;
  3. Choose ‘Adjust controls’;
  4. Find the ‘QR Code Reader’ button and tap the green plus sign.

The qr shortcut has now become a standard part of your Control Center. By means of Tap on the Back you can quickly open your Control Panel and bring up the qr scanner. Handy if you often scan QR codes and thus have even faster access to them.

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