Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 official: support for 100 watt charging

Qualcomm has presented Quick Charge 5. This technology can charge smartphones for 50 percent in five minutes.

Quick Charge 5

Qualcomm is not only a manufacturer of chipsets, but also the creator of the Quick Charge technology. With this charging technique, devices can be charged faster. Quick Charge 5 is the latest variant of this and this charging technique supports fast charging techniques of more than 100 watts for the first time. That is almost four times as much as Quick Charge 4.Quick Charge 5

Quick Charge 5 also comes with several improvements to extend the life of the smartphone battery. The new charging technology is also a maximum of 10 degrees cooler so that it is 70% more efficient. In addition, support for USB Power Delivery PPS has been added.Quick Charge 5 Compatible


Now that several manufacturers are coming up with new fast chargers that can charge phones very fast, Qualcomm is introducing a charging technology that supports these fast chargers. A recent example is OPPO’s 125 watt fast charging technology that can fully charge a phone with a 4000 mAh battery in 20 minutes.

Quick Charge 5 largely works with the USB Power Delivery PPS standard, which OPPO also uses in its 125-watt charging technique. This means you can also achieve 100 watts of Quick Charge 5 with other chargers. And it works the other way around.quick charge 5 accessories


Processors that can take advantage of this new technology include the Snapdragon 865, 865+, and future chipsets. We can expect the first devices with Quick Charge 5 in the third quarter of 2020, according to Qualcomm.

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