Use WhatsApp with Siri: read, respond and call messages

WhatsApp messages pour in all day, but sometimes you have no hands free to reply to them. Fortunately, you can also respond with Siri. This allows Siri to read WhatsApp messages and respond to apps.

Read Siri WhatsApp: this is how it works

Siri is incredibly versatile. The smart voice assistant not only tells you what appointments are planned and what weather you can expect but also lets you know which WhatsApp messages you have received. The assistant can read out texts, but can also send them. Moreover, you can call Siri via WhatsApp. That is how it works.

Have Siri read WhatsApp messages

It is important to mention in advance that Siri cannot read your entire message history. The assistant only reads new messages, which you have never opened before. Here’s how to get Siri to read WhatsApp messages:

  • Say “Hey Siri” to your iPhone, or activate the assistant manually;
  • Give the following command: “Read my new WhatsApp messages”;
  • Then Siri scoops up from whom you have all received new messages;
  • At the end of the message, the assistant asks if you want to respond.

Have Siri read WhatsApp messagesIf you decide not to reply, Siri will continue reading the other messages. The assistant automatically stops reading when there are no more new apps. When you have enabled WhatsApp screen lock, with Touch ID or Face ID, the chat app will not read messages. In that case, unlock the screen of your iPhone first.

Send WhatsApp messages with Siri

In much the same way, you can also send messages directly using Siri. This is useful when, for example, you have no hands free.

  • Shout “Hey Siri”, or activate the voice assistant manually;
  • Say “Send a WhatsApp message to [name from your contact list]”. It is important that you mention the full name;
  • Record the message, including any commas and question marks;
  • Siri now shows what he has heard on the screen of your iPhone. You can still submit changes or send the message by saying “Yes”.

Send WhatsApp messages with SiriYou can also have messages read from a group chat. In that case, clearly state the full name of the company.

Call Siri via WhatsApp

WhatsApp started as a chat app, but not much later it also became possible to make calls. You do not use call minutes, but a WiFi connection or mobile data. Of course, you can also use Siri to make calls via WhatsApp:

  • Activate the assistant by saying “Hey Siri” or activate it manually;
  • Enter the following command: “Call [full name of contact person] via WhatsApp”;
  • You can also start a video call. In that case, say “Start a video call with [contact name] via WhatsApp”.

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