Remove Android Auto: This is how you do it

Does Android Auto not work properly, or do you prefer to leave the platform on the handbrake for another reason? In this article, we’ll explain how to completely remove the Android Auto app from your smartphone.

Tip: Remove the Android Auto app from your smartphone

Android Auto is similar to your smartphone’s operating system but simpler. You use the platform behind the wheel and that is why it should work clearly and not be too distracting. Android Auto is very popular and has many satisfied users, but not everyone is going smoothly.

From problems with WhatsApp, the lack of apps to Android Auto not even getting it to work at all: the laundry list of possible problems is not tender. In this article, we will therefore show you how to get the application completely off your device. That way, Android Auto does not take up storage space and you can, for example, try out the system of your car manufacturer.

How to remove Android Auto:

  1. Grab your Android phone and open the Settings app;
  2. Tap on ‘Apps & notifications’, or an option similar to it (so that you get to the list of all your installed apps);
  3. Select the Android Auto app and choose ‘Remove’.

Can’t Uninstall Android Auto? Then you probably have Android 10 or Android 11 on your smartphone, the Android versions that came out in 2018 and 2019. With these operating systems, Android Auto is pre-installed on your device. This means that you cannot delete the app because it is a so-called system app.

In that case, you can limit the space that the file takes up as much as possible by removing updates. You do this by pressing the three dots on the Android Auto page in the settings at the top right. After this, it is important to disable the app completely. You can also revoke the rights of the app from here, such as the option to view your calendar and contact list.

More about Android Auto

Android Auto was not officially available in the Netherlands for a long time, but Google has promised that the app will soon be coming to the Play Store. In the meantime, they are already working on the successor. Android Automotive is the spiritual successor to Android Auto. This control system is for example in the Polestar 2, a fully electric car. There are several differences between the two platforms. This is discussed further in the article below.

6 thoughts on “Remove Android Auto: This is how you do it”

  1. Samsung a71 5guw running Android 11. Android auto was installed from Google Play and cannot be uninstalled as you have described. It can only be disabled. Even after having it disabled it’s still connects with my entertainment system and does not operate properly.

  2. it keeps popping up on my cars main screen in the console. It is very annoying. I will tap the icon on my phone to disable it, but that is only for a few minutes until it comes back automatically and takes over the screen again. I unchecked all the markers in the settings menu. My next approach will be the settings in the car that my phone is connected to

  3. Not only what everyone else is saying, I can’t use the Bluetooth function on my cars screen because it still recognizes android auto, even with it disabled. Very frustrating.


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