Official: Google Assistant routines available in the Netherlands, this is how it works

Tech largest announced yesterday that the Google Assistant Routines feature was visible to many people. Now Google Netherlands officially releases the function in the Netherlands.

Update June 10, 9:57 am: Google Netherlands informs Techlargest that the Routines for Google Assistant are officially available in the Netherlands from 10:00. The feature is not yet available in Belgium. We have adapted and republished this article.

Update June 10 10:40 am: The article was updated with a new screenshot and more information on how to find Routines on your phone.

Google Assistant routines

Google Assistant has been a handy feature for years with which you can give personalized commands to the Google Assistant. For example, you can activate certain smart lamps with your own command and simultaneously play music.

Until recently, the ‘Routines’ function, as it is called, was not available if you use your phone with the Dutch language. What was already available with us is ‘My day’ with which you can get an informative chat with the latest news, your agenda, and your route to work every day. We said ‘until recently’, because Google Netherlands Techlargest let know that you can now set Routines.

That’s how you activate it

Yesterday it turned out that the function was not yet ready, because you could not find Routines in the settings of the Google Assistant or in the home screen of the Google Home app. Still, you could create and manage your Routines via a command to the Assistant.

Now that the Routines are officially rolled out in the Netherlands, everyone can get started. To do this, give the voice command “Hey Google, routine settings” and then you can tap the gear to access your Routines.

Another way to find Routines is in the settings of the Google Assistant. Get the Assistant’s attention with “Hey Google”, tap the “Explore” icon at the bottom right, and tap the profile icon on your Google account. Then tap ‘Settings’ and go to the Assistant tab where you will find ‘Routines’routines-google-assistant-netherlands

From there you can set up a series of standard Routine moments such as a ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Bedtime’ routine. You will find it under the heading ‘Predefined’. There are also Routines for when you leave home, drive to work, or on your way home.

You can choose which command you give in each of those situations and which actions the Assistant must perform. For example, you want the lights to be turned off and the music to stop when you leave the house.

Create your own Routines

In addition to those standard things, you can also create your own routines for all kinds of situations. Then tap on ‘Add a routine’ at the top You then have to choose under ‘When’ when the function should be executed. That can only be when you execute a command, but Routines can also work at a specific time and day of the week.

In addition, you must of course add an action that the Assistant must perform, and for that tap on ‘Add action’. You can type in an action yourself, but you can also select an action yourself from a list of options.

Your Assistant can then send a message, broadcast a notification via your smart speakers, operate smart home devices, provide information on all kinds of topics, give a specific speech response, or operate your phone.

In some cases, you also need to specify an action by tapping the gear next to it. When you’re done setting up the actions, tap Add. You can of course link multiple actions to one Routine in order to create a sequence of tasks.

Finally, you can optionally choose to play media after your actions. Tap ‘Add media’ at the bottom. You can then have music, podcasts or news played, and when you’re done tap ‘Add’ again. Finally, you can tap ‘Save’ to save your Routine. She is now ready to use.


Last year there was already talk that Routines would work in the Netherlands, but then it turned out to be a false alarm. Users were only shown the Dutch interface, but the Routines themselves did not work yet.

Google Netherlands subsequently announced in February that Routines would come to more countries and yesterday the first Google Assistant users were treated with the opportunity to create them. Google Netherlands then informed Tech largest that there was no news about Routines for the time being, but now the company reports that there is still good news.Google Assistant routines Official

If you are performing a routine, you can also change it at the touch of a button

As of today, Google is rolling out the function to everyone in the Netherlands with Google Assistant on smart speakers, smart screens and smartphones. If you have a phone that works with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or a later version, you can use the function.

Can you make Routines work on your Devices that work with Google Assistant? Are you going to set up Routines now? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article Google Assistant routines Netherlands.

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