Rumor: ‘Huawei phones with their own Harmony OS in the making’ [update]

According to rumors, Huawei wants to release phones with its own Harmony OS instead of Android in the near future. The first smartwatch with the operating system will also appear this year. Still, Huawei denies that the operating system is coming to phones this year.

Update 31/08 at 1:00 pm: Huawei has formally denied that a phone with Harmony OS will appear this year. We have adapted and republished the article.

Harmony OS

Huawei’s trading license that allows it to continue supporting its Android phones has not been renewed, which may affect the brand’s current phones, although Huawei has confirmed to Techlargest that phones will continue to receive updates as planned.

At the same time, rumors are emerging about the own Harmony OS operating system that should serve as an alternative to Android on future smartphones. Gizchina reports that. According to sources, we may soon welcome the first Harmony OS phones.

Huawei presented its Harmony OS last year as an operating system that can run on all types of smart devices: from phones to wearables, televisions and PCs. Meanwhile, the company has already released televisions with Harmony OS.

Huawei also revealed that the first smartwatch will work with the operating system this year. So said Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s head of consumer business at the China Informatization Conference this month. Chengdong may refer to the Fit Watch that was recently leaked.Renders of the leaked Huawei Fit Watch

‘Not finished’

He also argued that Huawei is considering switching to the Harmony OS if it can no longer use Android, and that way all products of the brand would function with the Harmony OS in the long term. It is not the first time that Huawei itself has stated that Harmony OS is coming to phones, but at the same time, the company has also admitted that there is still work to make the operating system suitable for phones. According to Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei, this will require years of development.

Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu has now denied to  Chinese media that Harmony OS is coming to new devices this year. Although the CEO does not make any statements about an introduction in 2021. This month Huawei also launches its Mate 40 flagships that will work with Android and its own Huawei Mobile Services.

The fact that Huawei is teasing the arrival of Huawei for wearables may primarily serve as a response to the non-renewal of the temporary trade license from the US. Both parties are rolling their muscles and for now, it remains to be seen how things will develop further.

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