Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S21 will come without charger and earphones

According to insiders, Samsung would no longer put a charger in the packaging of future phones, starting with the Galaxy S21.

No charger in the box

Smartphones that come with a charger in the box may soon be the exception rather than the rule. Apple took the first step in this by announcing the iPhone 12 in a package without a charging plug and earplugs. Samsung responded mockingly by posting messages on social media with an image of a charger with: ” Included with your Galaxy “.

Yet we cannot deny that Apple more often such ‘big decisions’ that were later adopted by other smartphone manufacturers. Do you remember the 3.5mm audio jack that Apple dropped on its iPhones? Samsung made fun of a number of videos with this but later took them offline again. Next, it was  Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10  and  Galaxy Note 10 Plus that shipped without 3.5mm headphones for the first time in Galaxy history.

Now,  Android Authority has received a report from an insider that says Samsung will follow Apple and omit the charger and earphones on the Galaxy S21 series. The Galaxy S20 phones came with a 25-watt charger and AKG earphones on the market. That would mean that there is only a USB-C cable and SIM needle in the box. Samsung Galaxy S21 will come without charger

Purchase accessories separately

If you go for a new Samsung in this case, you will have to charge it with a charger that you still have at home. Or buy a charger. Actually, Samsung already did something like this with the  Galaxy S20 Ultra. This phone did not include a 45 watt but a 25-watt charger in the box. For 45 watt ‘Super Fast’ fast charging, a 45-watt charger must be purchased separately.

Earlier this year, a similar rumour surfaced. This showed that Samsung would no longer supply chargers with its phones, in order to reduce the price for its devices. By omitting these accessories, the boxes can also become smaller, which in turn has a positive impact on transport costs.

Another reason for not including these accessories is the environmental aspect. The mountain of e-waste is only getting bigger. Samsung already took steps in this regard in 2019. The company was going to replace the plastic packaging material with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Opinions are divided

Not everyone is happy with Apple’s decision. If Samsung follows, many fans will also be disappointed. We are used to encountering a charger in the box. Especially with a phone of 1000 euros or more, not everyone is waiting to purchase a charger or earphones. According to our AW Poll, the vast majority want to determine for themselves whether a charger should be in the box. No charger = discount .

What do you think of Apple’s decision? Is Samsung allowed to omit these accessories in the future? Or do you want to see these items in the packaging at all times? Leave your comment below this article.

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