Samsung laughs at Apple for lack of charger, but for how long?

Samsung gives Apple a swipe because it no longer includes a charger with its latest iPhone 12. On social media, we see how Samsung sees the charger as a basic element that is part of your phone.

Samsung charger

Apple announced by proposing its iPhone 12 that no charger will come with the phone this time around, and the tech giant wants to express itself as an environmentally conscious company. Although cost savings will undoubtedly also play a role, because the European Union already put pressure on Apple to use the USB-C standard for its iPhones, but the company is not really enthusiastic about such a universal charger. Nevertheless, such a charger that works on any type of smartphone can prevent many chargers from ending up in the garbage when users switch between Android and iOS devices.

Samsung, on the other hand, sees the omission of chargers from Apple as an opportunity to get it right with the fact that it still includes a charger. On Facebook, we see an image of a charger with: “Included with your Galaxy”. samsung apple missing charge

Will it remain inclusive?

Still, you can ask yourself whether Samsung will remain steadfast and will effectively continue to supply USB-C chargers with its phones. In July we saw rumors that the South Korean company of all people wants to get rid of the charger with its cheapest devices. The intention is that Samsung could further reduce the price. Phones from the upper-middle class and the high-end segment will continue to come with a charger, according to the rumors.

In principle, Android phones could be delivered without a charger, as new phones are now required to support the USB-PD standard for fast charging. This means that with any USB-PD charger you can charge any new phone with high power. Although we see in practice that chargers still optimize their chargers for devices. For example, OPPO’s Find X2 Pro can charge with a power of 65 watts, but when combined with other phones, the same charger charges with a maximum of 40 watts.

Samsung also laughed earlier with the fact that Apple took away the 3.5mm audio jack to do it itself for several years. Samsung was then able to take its mocking videos offline again.

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