‘Samsung Galaxy Buds (+) and Buds Live can quickly overheat’

Every summer it seems to get slightly warmer in Belgium and the Netherlands. Not only you can suffer from this heat. It was already known that phones can overheat, but this time complaints have appeared from Galaxy Buds + and Buds Live users with overheated ears.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Wireless earphones that get too hot? It is a complaint that seems to arise with the Galaxy Buds (+) and Buds Live earphones. Various users of such completely wireless earphones report via RedditTwitter, and the Samsung Community Forum that their Galaxy Buds earphones are overheating. This concerns overheating due to a high ambient temperature; a phenomenon that is increasingly emerging in the Netherlands and Belgium.Galaxy-Buds-Live

Users report that the earbuds are ‘worthless’ within a few minutes of commissioning. When the ears come into contact with direct sunlight, the temperature of the ears rises rapidly. Is the temperature above the maximum operating temperature of the Buds? Then the ears start to beep. Only once the ears are removed from direct sunlight and the temperature can drop will the sound stop on its own.

Galaxy Buds range

Complaints about the overheated earbuds include the original Galaxy Buds, as well as the Galaxy Buds + and Galaxy Buds Live, which Samsung announced along with the Note 20 series. It is striking that the ears overheat so quickly, especially given that the ears are aimed at people with an active lifestyle – a sports session in the (warm) outdoor air cannot be missed.Galaxy-Buds-range

What is also noticeable about the constant beeping sounds of the Galaxy Buds range in the event of overheating is that users are not told (or seen) what is going on. Unsuspecting users may think the earbuds are broken because they keep beeping. Have you ever heard beeps from your Galaxy Buds earphones? How could Samsung improve the notification? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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  1. I got my Galaxy Buds Live a week ago for my brand new Note20 Ultra. It has been 105°+ everyday and had not heard the reported problem. This afternoon for the first time my Buds beeped in my left ear continuously while outside walking


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