‘All details Galaxy Buds Pro leaked via Samsung Wearable app’

Samsung, together with the Galaxy S21 series, will also release some in-ear headphones in January: the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, as successors to the Galaxy Buds +. In a recent update to the Samsung Wearables app, all the details of the earphones have been leaked: for example, they get a copy of Apple’s ‘Spatial Audio’ function.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

In recent years, Samsung has managed to position itself as a reliable player for wireless earphones, which were also affordable. Especially when they were on the market longer, prices dropped quickly. However, the competition is not standing still: they have managed to pass Samsung in the field of functionalities in recent years. For example, on the Galaxy Buds +, users had to make do without active noise cancellation, while Apple’s AirPods Pro is equipped with such ‘active noise cancellation’.Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Wireless Earbuds

However, Samsung seems to be catching up quickly – earlier this year the manufacturer introduced its Galaxy Buds Live, which features active noise cancellation. With the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, the South Korean manufacturer wants to further narrow its gap. In a recent update of its Wearable app in the Galaxy Store, several details about the Galaxy Buds Pro have been leaked, such as the arrival of a ‘Spatial Audio’ feature.

‘Spatial Audio function’

With the advent of this feature, Samsung is following Apple’s feature list, which introduced a feature called ‘Spatial Audio’ on its AirPods Pro – and more recently the AirPods Max. With the feature enabled, the sound changes based on the direction you are facing. If you look to the right, the sound will sound different than when you look forward. It should give a sense of space. These differences are particularly noticeable with Dolby Atmos sound clips, as such sound has been recorded to reach you from all angles.samsung galaxy buds live quality

How the feature works exactly has not become clear based on the Samsung Wearables app. There is one important condition: if you want to enjoy the function, you must have a Samsung phone that runs on Android 11 (One UI 3.0 and higher). In the app, Samsung describes the feature as follows: “Hear vibrant, immersive sound from all directions, so you feel like you’re in the middle of the scene when watching videos.”

Speech Recognition and Ambient Sound

Samsung’s list of features on the Galaxy Buds Pro does not stop at Spatial Audio. In the app, you can read that the Galaxy Buds Pro has a ‘Voice detect’ functionality (speech recognition). If speech recognition on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is enabled – and your voice is recognized – the volume will automatically be lowered and Ambient Sound will be enabled. This way, a conversation can be conducted without having to lower the volume.Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review

Ambient Sound is also new on the Galaxy Buds Pro and can be found among the noise-canceling capabilities. Instead of keeping the sound out, Ambient Sound allows you to let in ambient noise. This can be useful, for example, if you go for a walk in the open air with the earphones, and want to remain aware of people and vehicles in your immediate vicinity.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro launch

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Buds Pro in January along with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. At launch, the earbuds would be available in three colors: black, silver, and a purplish shade. As yet, no details are known about the prices and availability, but it can be expected that the prices will creep towards 200 euros, comparable with the AirPods Pro from Apple.

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