Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 renders based on new patent show interesting details

Brand new renders have appeared from the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The renders are based on a recently filed patent and give an interesting picture of Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 renders

Samsung recently filed a new patent for the Galaxy Fold 2, which describes in detail what the design can look like. Based on this patent, Twitter user xleaks7 created several renders, which first appeared on Pictou.

The first thing you notice is the black stripe on the outside of the device. This strip may be all that is left of the screen when the device is folded. This probably shows display notifications and other information.Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 renders

The original Galaxy Fold has a small but full-sized display on the front, allowing users to quickly complete simple tasks without expanding the device. Based on the latest patent, this is therefore a thing of the past.

The document further confirms that there are at least two rear cameras. Under these two lenses, the patent sketches show a small square, of which it is unknown which part it concerns precisely.

At best, the square is for a periscopic zoom lens, which we also know from the S20 Ultra. However, it is also slightly less exciting, namely a simple flash. Unlike the renders, the official patent sketches do not show a clear place for an LED light.

Furthermore, the hinge in the center of the phone is likely to resemble the previously released Galaxy Z Flip. This is only about the structure of this, since the device just folds horizontally, just like the original Fold. The new hinge should provide more stability, durability, and ergonomics.Galaxy Fold 2 renders

Finally, there is also an interesting novelty on the side, namely a slide switch. This is a bit like what we know from OnePlus 7, which can switch between silent, vibrate and ringtone with a similar slider.

More about Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

It was previously announced that the Galaxy Fold 2 may be equipped with ultra-thin glass that should reduce the thickness of the device. You may also have heard that the new Fold gets a camera under the screen, but this turned out not to be the case in the end.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will likely be released on August 5 along with the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and the Galaxy Note 20 series. There are also several rumors about the latter device, including the specifications of the disappointing Note 20 screen. Alleged details of its bigger brother are better, such as the possible debut of the Snapdragon 865 Plus on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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