Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus is bigger than its predecessor and has large cameras

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus has leaked through renders. The device promises to be slightly larger than its predecessor and the cameras on the back also seem to be substantial.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus design leaked

This is evident from renders (computer animations based on rumors) that have been put online by OnLeaks, a well-known name in the smartphone circuit. If the images are correct, the front of the current Note 10 Plus remains largely unchanged. The Note 20 Plus’s screen also promises to occupy the entire front with a hole for the selfie camera only at the top. A small ‘chin’ (screen edges) is visible at the bottom of the screen.

Samsung seems to make the biggest changes at the back. According to the renders, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus will get a literally excellent camera module. This ‘bumper’ can accommodate three sensors. According to OnLeaks, the main camera is assisted by a special 3D sensor and a periscopic lens. You use the latter to bring images closer to you with little to no loss of quality.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 largely follows the design of its smaller brother, if the renders are correct. This means that the S Pen stylus moves to the left side of the case, next to the USB-C charging port and noise-canceling microphone. The screen of the Note 20 Plus also promises to be flat, just like the regular Note 20. The back, on the other hand, does have a curvature at the corners. This makes the back run smoothly on the screen.Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus

We expect this from the specifications

Finally, OnLeaks also shares some suspected specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus. According to the reliable insider, the new phablet has a 6.9-inch screen. If this is correct, it will, therefore, be 0.1 inches larger than the Note 10 Plus. The battery capacity also seems to increase slightly. Whether this also provides a longer useful life is still the question because the larger screen of the Note 20 Plus consumes more energy.

Source: OnLeaks (Twitter)

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