Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus: everything about camera leaked, we know this’

The camera specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus have been completely leaked. The Note 20 Plus gets three rear cameras with a 108 MP

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus

The phones from the Samsung Galaxy Note series are known as all-rounders with large screens and the S Pen that gets a place in the housing. Last year, the Note 10 series also came out with a more premium steel frame instead of the standard aluminum.

However, you should also remember that these phones come with a strong camera setup that is mostly based on innovations that we see in the Galaxy S series, and according to newly leaked information from rumor diffuser  Ice Universe that is also the case this time. Although Samsung seems to want to put an end to a number of less strong aspects of the camera setup of the S20 series with the Note 20 series.

The Note 20 Plus gets the 108 MP camera that we saw earlier with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is the Isocell Bright HM1 sensor that combines data from nine individual pixels into one, and so the phone then takes photos of 12 MP with the 108 MP sensor. The phone will also be able to film in a higher 8K resolution that most affordable televisions don’t yet support.Galaxy Note 20 Plus

Leaked phone renders

Telecamera and laser autofocus

If we look at the other two lenses, we find a 12 MP wide-angle camera, which may be the same as the sensor we know from the S20 series, and a 13 MP periscope camera with 5x optical zoom. So Samsung says goodbye to the 48 MP telephoto camera, and it seems that it prefers to capture a little less detail that way and then bet on better performance in difficult lighting conditions.

With the Note 20 Plus, the 100x Space Zoom will also be replaced by a 50x zoom variant. The phone also does not get a Time of Flight (ToF) camera, but it does have laser autofocus, which means that Samsung also improves the focus performance of the S20. That was previously a problem with the S20 Ultra.Telecamera and laser autofocus

Finally, Ice Universe states that Samsung could exchange the name Note 20 Plus for Note 20 Ultra. You read here about the leaked specifications of the Note 20 series. What do you think of the leaked information? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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