Samsung Galaxy Note 20: 7 expectations in a row

The day has come on 5 August. On that date, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 20. In this overview, we gather the most credible rumors about the Galaxy Note 10 successor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 rumors

Usually, Samsung unveils its new flagships in a grand and compelling way during a live presentation with a lot of audience. Not this time, because the pandemic is throwing a spanner in the works. The Galaxy Note 20 will, therefore, be presented on August 5, 2020, during a complete online event.

In this article, we select the most credible rumors so you know what to expect. No time to read everything? These are the main Samsung Galaxy Note 20 rumors:

  • Three models: Note 20, Note 20 Plus and Note 20 Ultra
  • Exynos 992 processor with 128/256 / 512GB storage and 8 / 12GB RAM
  • 60Hz / 120Hz screen provides smooth images
  • 3/4 cameras on the back
  • S-Pen becomes more precise
  • Unveiling on August 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 rumors1. Three models

The Note 10 series consisted of two devices, the normal Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. Since the successor of the Samsung Galaxy S10 skipped multiple version numbers and went to Galaxy S20 at once, it is obvious that the Note does the same. In addition, we expect Samsung to introduce a third device, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The structure is then as follows. The Galaxy Note 20 is the entry-level model, the Note 20 Plus follows the Note 10 Plus and thus becomes a bit more powerful. You get the best specifications when you buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which must become the absolute flagship.

2. Entry model gets 128GB storage

Where both Note 10 devices have 256GB internal storage onboard as standard, the Note 20 series would be different. The entry-level model is rumored to receive 128GB of storage. This can ensure that that model is put on the market for a slightly lower price.

However, that would be a bit strange in combination with the expected capabilities of the camera. This allows you to shoot high-resolution photos that take up a lot of space, but also make videos in high 4K and 8K resolution. High-resolution images take up a lot of storage space, so you need a lot of storage space.Galaxy Note 20 rumors

Therefore, it is also expected that a micro-SD card slot is present in the Note 20 series. It is unclear whether all three devices have such an expandable memory. The Note 10 does not have such a micro-SD slot on board, but the Galaxy Note 10 Plus does. In addition to the entry-level model, it is also expected that Samsung will again come with variants with 512GB storage onboard.

3. High-end hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is equipped with high-end hardware. The phablets are expected to get an Exynos 992 chip, a modified and improved version of the Exynos 990. The latter process is the driving force behind the Galaxy S20 phones. Samsung makes these Exynos chips itself.

In terms of RAM, most rumors indicate that the Galaxy Note 20 series has at least 8GB onboard. It seems logical that you can also opt for a 12GB RAM variant at an additional cost.

The S20 Ultra has a 5000 mAh battery on board, so we think Samsung is taking a step forward with the Note 20 series. Specific numbers are not mentioned in the rumor circuit, but the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus are equipped with 3500 and 4300 mAh of battery capacity, respectively.

Recently, a rumor surfaced that the Note 20 Ultra, the most expensive model, would get a 5000 mAh battery. Finally, of course, 5G support is also present in the devices. Whether Samsung adds this as standard or also comes with 4G models is the question.

4. 120Hz displays in various sizes

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is rumored to be the most affordable device. That variant would have a 6.42-inch screen. The Galaxy Note 20 Plus talks about a 6.87-inch display. The possible Ultra variant would get the same screen size, or possibly even slightly larger.

To save some costs with the entry-level model, Samsung can opt for a full HD resolution just like the Note 10. Then the other two models could be equipped with a screen with a higher resolution.Galaxy Note 20

In addition, the Note 20 Plus and Note 20 Ultra will get a screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz. That is the same as with the Galaxy S20 models. This ensures a smooth experience while using such a smartphone because the screen is refreshed 120 times per second. The normal Galaxy Note 20 would get a refresh rate of 60Hz.

5. Cameras

In terms of cameras, the Galaxy Note 20 follows the same route as the Galaxy S20, according to rumors. This means that the entry-level model will have three sensors. The Plus and Ultra versions also receive a fourth camera. Little is known about the specific camera resolutions of the regular Note 20, but that does not apply to the two more luxurious versions.

The Note 20 Plus and Note 20 Ultra will have four cameras on the back, according to the telecom insider Ice Universe. The 108-megapixel main sensor would be assisted by a 13-megapixel telephoto lens to zoom in and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens for group photos. A special focus sensor completes the quartet and ensures that the camera focuses quickly.

6. Delivered with renewed S-Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 line also comes with the well-known S-Pen. This stylus from the manufacturer has been found in the Note devices for many years. Samsung improves the pens with every new Note generation, so it seems to us that this is not the case now.

It seems that the S-Pen is especially getting more precise. In a video, you can see that the pen is becoming more precise and will feel like a computer mouse. You could also adjust the speed with which the S-Pen navigates the screen of the Note itself.Note 20

Finally, according to the video, it is now possible to personalize the indicator light, which comes in handy when giving presentations. Among other things, you could adjust the color and size of the ball.

7. Prices and disclosure

The Galaxy Note 20 will probably not be very affordable. According to a rumor, the phablet has a starting price of $ 999. Usually, the recommended price is even higher, due to additional taxes. It is not yet known how expensive the Note 20 Plus will be. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is said to be priced at $ 1,299.

We will find out on August 5. Then Galaxy Unpacked takes place. During this event, which takes place entirely online, Samsung will unveil its latest products. It is almost impossible for the Note 20 to be the protagonist of the evening.

Furthermore, Samsung would also reveal successors for the Galaxy Fold and Z Flip during the live stream. The latter has 5G support as the most important addition, while the Fold 2 still has the question of whether the device appears in the at all. Either way, it looks like Samsung will continue to release foldable smartphones for the time being.

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