Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 screen is disappointing

Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 20 later this year. According to new rumors, the specifications of the screen of the normal Note 20 are disappointing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 screen disappointing

The alleged specifications of the screen of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 have appeared online. According to a tweet from the well-known tasty IceUniverse, these are not to die for. The insider speaks about the choice for a flat-screen.

In addition, the screen gets a full HD resolution, according to the tweet. Finally, the refresh rate would be only 60Hz. That means the screen refreshes 60 times per second, which is standard for smartphones. The South Korean manufacturer ‘s Galaxy S20 line has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is much finer to use.

Samsung is the master of AMOLED screens and many manufacturers also purchase their screens from the company. However, the choice to release a high-end device with such screen specifications is strange.Galaxy Note 20 screen

Also Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

According to IceUniverse, the manufacturer chooses to convince people to go for the Note 20 Ultra model. That variant will come on the market and is rumored to have a 120Hz display with a higher resolution.

Whether that means that the price of the normal Note 20 will be a lot slower than the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still the question. That device was launched in August 2019 for a starting price of 949 euros. The Samsung Galaxy S20 line with a 120Hz screen was launched at the beginning of this year and is available from 899 euros on the shelves.

More about Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Meanwhile, the rumor mill about the upcoming Note 20 series is running at full speed. For example, Note 20 would get a new fingerprint scanner and a larger battery. The cameras would also be better than S20 devices.

Finally, the alleged announcement date has already been mentioned. According to the latest rumors, that will be October 5, 2020. We expect to see not only the Note 20s there but also the Galaxy Fold 2 and a 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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