Samsung launches Galaxy S20 Plus ‘Aura Blue’ for the price of the S20 Ultra

Samsung introduces the Galaxy S20 Plus in a new color, Aura Blue, in the Netherlands. This brings the total number of colors of this phone to four.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Aura Blue

The  Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus was launched together with the  Samsung Galaxy S20  and the  Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra at the beginning of this year in various colors and memory versions.

The Galaxy S20 Plus was introduced in the colors Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black, and Cosmic Gray for a suggested retail price of 1099 euros. Now Samsung adds a new color of blue, Aura Blue. This blue color is a lot more intense than the more subdued Cloud Blue version.Galaxy S20 Plus Aura Blue

This new version does not come with updated specifications, which have remained the same. Samsung launches new colors for existing high-end phones every year without changing the specifications. This phone therefore comes with a 6.7 inch AMOLED screen and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a sturdy battery of 5000 mAh, and four cameras.

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Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Aura Blue

This time Samsung does adjust the price of the Aura Blue version and that is remarkable. The suggested retail price of this version has been aligned with the suggested retail price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (12 GB / 128 GB).

So you do not pay 1099 euros but 1349 euros for the Aura Blue color. That is a difference of 250 euros. That difference is even bigger because the Galaxy S20 Plus you currently purchase from 998 euros.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus in the color Aura Blue is exclusively available through T-Mobile and Tele2. The versions in the colors Cloud Blue, Cosmic Black and Cosmic Gray are also still available through Samsung ,  Mobiel ,  Coolblue , ,  Belsimpel  and the  MediaMarkt

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