Samsung: “Samsung Galaxy S21 deliveries delayed due to overwhelming success”

Deliveries of the Samsung Galaxy S21, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra have been delayed. According to Samsung, this is due to the many orders.

Samsung Galaxy S21 delayed

The Galaxy S21 series is in stores now, but Samsung cannot deliver them all today. The company will notify its customers via email of any delay in deliveries. The delay would have to do with the “overwhelming success” of the phones. According to Samsung Belgium, there would be twice as many Galaxy S21 pre-orders so far compared to the full pre-order period of the Galaxy S20 series. The e-mail from Samsung indicates that the delay will fortunately not last too long, but for the customers who had hoped to be able to use the S21 this weekend, it could still be experienced as a downer.

It seems that the delay in deliveries only applies to orders placed through Samsung. Other retailers, like this one, can deliver the flagships from stock.Samsung Galaxy S21 deliveries delayed

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