Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series gets 120 Hz screens

Just before the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 10 series, Samsung introduced the Tab S6. Also in 2020, there seems to be a successor for this in the range, the Tab S7 series. This time the design of the Tab S7 and Tab S7 + has been leaked, otherwise, the device would get a 120 Hz screen.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (+)

Instead of one tablet, as with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, the South Korean manufacturer is thinking of two tablets in the Tab S7 series: the Tab S7 and the Tab S7 +. This time OnLeaks gives us a first look at the upcoming tablets – the designs of the Tab S7 have been published in collaboration with the French Pictou.

OnLeaks has a rich history when it comes to rumors: previously leaked rumors maker even the OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and OnePlus Z. Samsung’s Note 20 series has recently been leaked by OnLeaks, so it doesn’t stop there. In addition to its rich past, OnLeaks often leaks correct information.Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series

The Tab S7’s design differs little from its predecessor, the Tab S6

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 series consists of two members, the Tab S7 and the Tab S7 +. Both devices feature a different screen, with 11 and 12.4-inch screens respectively. Both screens have a 120 Hz refresh rate if recent rumors prove to be correct.

On the back of the Tab S7, we find a design similar to the Tab S6 from 2019: on the left a groove for the stylus and above it the vertically positioned camera module. Unlike the Tab S6, the S7 would feature two rear cameras along with the usual LED flash.

Four speakers

Just like the Tab S6, we find four speakers on the Tab S7. At the bottom, in addition to the two speakers, there is also a USB-C port. On the sides of the tablet, if you keep the S7 in portrait mode, we find, among other things, the connection for accessories.

On the other side, we find the volume buttons and the on / off button, in which a fingerprint scanner is placed. Striking, because with the Tab S6 Samsung used its in-display scanner. Naturally, Samsung could be ‘dissatisfied’ with the results of its fingerprint scanners in screens.Galaxy Tab S7

The Samsung logo would also have shifted on the upcoming Galaxy Tab S7 (+)

Another striking feature of the OnLeaks renders is the square design of the Tab S7 series. On the S6, the edges are rounded so they don’t stick in your hand. It is unknown whether this is due to these CAD-based renders, or whether Samsung indeed plans to flatten the edges.

Furthermore, it remains unknown with these renders which colors will become available; the Tab S6 was previously available in gray, blue, and pink. A different S Pen was also supplied with each color variant – chances are that Samsung will provide the Tab S7 and Tab S7 + with similar color variants.

Snapdragon 865

Samsung’s Tab S6 was clearly a high-end tablet, with its Snapdragon 855 chipset. The Tab S7 is likely to feature the new Snapdragon 865 chipset, with support for 5G. For the 5G support a large battery in, with a capacity of 7,760 mAh.

The Tab S6 still had a 7,040 mAh battery ( 10,000 mAh with the S7 + ), while the 10.5-inch screen is only marginally smaller than the Tab S7. Presumably, the Tab S7 will be released just before the Note 20 series launch in August, about the pricing and availability of the Galaxy Tab S7, no details are known yet.

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