Samsung and Corning are working on foldable Gorilla Glass for Fold 2

Samsung is working with Corning to develop a foldable version of its Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) for the successor of the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

This year Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip as its second foldable phone, and that device came with a striking feature, namely the new screen, which is made of a layer of foldable Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG). The Z Flip was already able to present good sales figures, and Samsung now wants to use that stronger glass for the Fold 2 as well.

Although the company wants to go a step further this time, because it is now working with Corning to develop a version of the Gorilla Glass for the foldable phone, according to South Korean insiders. Gorilla Glass is known for protecting phones against scratches and fall damage, and in an interview with Gsmarena, they were announced last year that they are working on technology for folding protective glass.Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The first Samsung Galaxy Fold

Such an extra form of protection can be of great added value for foldable telephones. Most foldable comes with a normal plastic protective layer, and the UT flip is also hidden under such a plastic layer with the Z flip.

The major drawback of that plastic layer is that it shows scratches quickly, and hopefully Samsung and Corning can come up with a solution for that with the Fold 2. The average price of foldable phones is still relatively high, Samsung gorilla glass fold 2 and for that money you want that too, your device is durable.


More has recently become known about the Fold 2, but also about a cheaper Lite variant of the product. That phone would appear without the UTG. The Fold 2 series will be unveiled by Samsung along with the Note 20 devices on August 5.

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