Samsung patents the smartphone with five moving cameras

Samsung has applied for a new patent for five camera sensors that tilt to provide improved wide-angle and photos in difficult lighting conditions.

Samsung’s moving cameras

Samsung has patented a special concept for smartphone cameras, Sammobile reports. The patent application describes five rear cameras that can each tilt to the left, involving one telephoto camera and four wide-angle cameras.

The intention of that camera setup is that the wide-angle cameras tilt outwards on both sides and the middle lens remains straight to take a better panoramic photo. Furthermore, it is also possible to record videos at a wider angle and to take panoramic photos with the bokeh effect. Improved camera performance

Improved camera performance

But of course, the moving cameras are capable of more than just that, because according to the South Korean manufacturer, the 55-page patent describes that this camera setup can take better photos in less good lighting conditions.

In addition, it is possible to focus more efficiently on different places in an image and a better dynamic range is possible in different situations. Samsung combines the information that five camera sensors collect in one strong photo, and we have heard that before with the Nokia 9 performance

In addition, we have also heard more about cameras that tilt with the Vivo X50 Pro Plus. That camera has a rotating gimbal, but it only uses it for improved image stabilization  and the cameras only tilt at an angle of up to three degrees. Although that is still a rotation angle that is three times greater than with optical image stabilization.

It is of course not yet known whether and when we will see this camera concept with a Samsung device. What do you think of moving cameras? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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