Samsung: These phones will receive the One UI 2.5 update

Together with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series, the manufacturer introduced One UI 2.5. With One UI 2.5, various functions are added and optimizations are implemented. Earlier it came out that the Galaxy S20 series got the update: the entire list is now available.

One UI 2.5 update

When Samsung launched the Note 20 series with One UI 2.5, the question remained when Samsung would provide its other devices with the latest software version. Samsung has now started the roll-out of One UI 2.5 for the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung announced via a press release that (other) phones will receive the update.

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 lineup will also be able to enjoy One UI 2.5. It does not stop there, the cheaper Note and S10 Lite are also included in the update package. Of course, the foldable devices, including the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, cannot be missed. More striking is that Samsung will bring the One UI 2.5 software dispute to the Samsung Galaxy S9 (+) and Note 9 via an update.

Samsung Galaxy A

For the time being, Samsung is abandoning the Galaxy A series, including the Galaxy A71. Whether Samsung intends to update these devices to One UI 2.5 is unknown. Samsung mentions in the press release that other ‘Galaxy devices will continue to receive updates insofar as the hardware allows it (the updates, ed.) To deliver optimized updates’. Samsung could choose to add the functions with the Android 11 update for the Galaxy A phones.

SamMobile also outlines some uncertainty for the Samsung Galaxy S9 (+) and the Galaxy Note 9; the devices may have been accidentally added to the list. In doing so, it refers to the One UI 2.1 update and the development time of the update.

At the same time, Samsung may have made the decision to add the 2018 flagship devices to its ‘ three-year update strategy ‘. Furthermore, questions can be asked about the One UI functions that the S9 and Note 9 use.

One UI 2.5 functions

With One UI 2.5, Samsung brings, among other things, a modified Pro Video mode. Previously you could already adjust the ISO, white balance, and focus mode; this time you can adjust the ‘audio direction’. You can choose from ‘Omnidirectional’, ‘Front’, and ‘Rear’. It is also possible to connect Galaxy Buds earphones to the camera app and use the microphones for videos.

Camera functions

Apart from the camera app, Samsung has given its notes app a major update. From now on, in One UI 2.5, you can link a video file, for example from a conference to your notes. Ready on your phone? Then the application automatically saves your notes, after which they are immediately available for editing and viewing on your tablet and laptop.

Finally, One UI 2.5 brings the Wireless DeX functionality and after the update, it is possible to ask other Samsung users for the WiFi password via the settings menu. Samsung has also performed optimizations under the hood with the update. It is unknown whether Samsung will make all functions available for devices outside the Galaxy Note 20 and S20 series.


Samsung is rolling out the One UI 2.5 update for the Galaxy S20 range in Europe at the time of writing. If you have received the update on your phone, please let us know in the comments or via our email address. Samsung has not yet announced any details about the updates for other Galaxy devices. As soon as more details come out, you will of course read that via Techlargest.

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