Samsung One UI 3.0: this is what the new version looks like

Samsung One UI 3.0 shell was delivered to developers in an early test version. We already get to see the first images of what we can expect from the software dispute.

Samsung One UI

Android 11 is on its way to phones and that means that we can expect software updates for the Android shell from smartphone manufacturers. This is no different for Samsung, and the first screenshots of an early test version of One UI 3.0 have now been leaked, Android Police knows that. It is a version that preceded the public beta and is now in the hands of a select number of developers in the United States and South Korea.

So this early beta comes before the start of the public beta which will be available in select countries. As in other years, the beta is unfortunately not available in the Benelux countries. It is not yet clear when the stable version of One UI 3.0 will be rolled out, but the S20 series will probably be the first to receive the update at the end of this year.

Discover the novelties

Below you will discover the full changelog with all improvements of One UI 3.0. Keep in mind that this is an early test version, so the functionalities may still differ from the stable version. Attached you will also find a gallery with screenshots and you can already see that there are a number of bugs in the interface, for example in the quick settings.Samsung One UI 3.0 functions

Home screen

> Press and hold an app to add its widget.

> Turn off the screen by double-tapping an empty spot on the home screen. It is a gesture that you can activate.

Lock screen

> Dynamic Lock Screen now has more categories and you can select more than one. Lock screen widgets have been improved.

Quick settings

> Now see conversations and media in their own sections when you swipe down.

Always-on screen

> Widgets have been improved.Galaxy One UI 3.0


> Get quick access to key accessibility settings while setting up a device. See recommended features based on your usage.

> Easily place the Accessibility Shortcut in Settings.

> Sound detectors now work with SmartThings devices such as televisions to give you light and make everything more visible.

Samsung Keyboard

> You can easily find the keyboard settings in the settings of your phone and the different options are also better organized so that the most important thing is first.

Samsung DeX

> You can now connect supported TVs wirelessly.

> New multi-gestures on the touchpad let you zoom in and out on the screen and change the font size more easily.


> Added the ability to prevent websites from redirecting you. Added new warnings and options to block websites that show too many (pop-up) notifications.

> Menus adapted to make options easier to find. Added new add-ons, including an add-on to translate websites.

> Added option to hide the status bar for a more immersive browsing experience.

> Maximum number of tabs increased to 99.

> Added ability to lock and rearrange tabs.

> Improved design for the tab bar. Now supported on all devices.

> End support for the Edge panel.

Contacts and Phone

> Added option that allows you to easily add duplicate contacts.

> The search experience has been improved.This is One UI 3.0

Background for phone / calling

> Added the ability to customize the background for calling with your own images.


> New trash can for deleted messages.

Make phone calls and send messages on other devices

> Now enable or disable the ability to send messages and make calls from other devices with Bixyby Routines.


> Appointments with the same start time are now displayed together in the month and agenda view.

> Restructured options for creating and editing appointments.

> Improved layout for notifications that take up the entire screen.


> Improved layout for notifications that take up the entire screen.

Digital wellbeing and parental controls

> New trends added to your weekly report. You can now see how your usage has changed since last week and check your usage for each feature.

> Phone usage while driving has been added to the weekly report.

> New lock screen widget shows you your screen time without unlocking your device.

> New profiles for personal and work use so you can view your screen time separately.


> Improved autofocus and automatic exposure.

> Improved stabilization when taking zoomed photos of the moon.One UI 3.0

Photo editor

> Added ability to revert edited photos to the original.

Bixy Routine

> Grouped pre-agreed routines help you get started quickly and set up your own routines.

> You can now see which actions have been undone when a routine ends.

> New conditions have been added such as specific start time, disconnection from WiFi or Bluetooth connections, a phone call from a specific number, and more.

> New actions added, including talking to Bixby and accessibility features.

> You can choose custom icons for each routine and add routines to the lock screen for quick access.

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