Samsung OneUI 2.5 Rumor: Ads in Standard Apps and on Unlock Screen

According to reports on a South Korean forum and various news sites, Samsung is going to add ads to the included apps with OneUI 2.5. There are even dubious rumors about ads on the unlock screen. We tell you how it really works.

Ads in apps and unlock screen with Samsung OneUI 2.5

The OneUI 2.5 update will come with some new features in a while, but it may also bring a less-loved addition. Posts on the South Korean Samsung forum suggest that the manufacturer will add ads with OneUI 2.5 in bundled apps. This expectation arose after users reported seeing ads in the weather app on their Samsung

Later on, it all went wild on the forum when a user shared a screenshot showing an ad on the unlock screen. The image suggests that users must watch an ad for 15 seconds before they can unlock their phones. After this, this rumor spread over the Internet and appeared on several news sites.

How about it really?

The screenshot appears to be a satirical joke that has been completely misinterpreted. Below the image, it says ‘OneUI 2.5 example’. A user probably put this image together themselves, after many users expressed frustration with the ads in the weather app. The advent of Samsung unlock screen ads seems very implausible.

The ads in the weather app probably actually took place. Still, the question remains whether Samsung has done this itself or if there is another reason. The ads may come from Weather News, the company that provides weather information for South Korea to the app.

For the time being, the rumors are too weak to assume that Samsung will actually add ads to its included apps. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity, especially now that Samsung regularly releases affordable phones with excellent hardware. If the manufacturer chooses to add advertisements, this will undoubtedly only apply to the cheapest devices.

What we already know is that OneUI 2.5 will debut on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. This is striking since Samsung has not even fully rolled out OneUI 2.1 yet. Recently OneUI 2.1 also appeared for the Samsung Galaxy A51.

Source: Samsung Forum (South Korea)

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