Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with 65 watt charger and works with S Pen

Samsung’s S21 range is the manufacturer’s upcoming flagship for spring 2021. We discover that Samsung may be using a 65 watt fast charger and running its phone with the S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Two weeks ago, Samsung introduced its Galaxy S20 FE, which is a new and more affordable S20 phone that seals the end of the series. The telephone appeared, so only just on the scene when the first information is already pouring in about next year’s S21 devices.

According to the South Korean press, Samsung is going to make its new phones work with the S Pen stylus that we know from the Galaxy Note series. It comes as an optional accessory with the devices, so Samsung lets the S Pen with Bluetooth work with the phones without including it as standard. You also won’t be able to tuck the stylus away in the case like you did on the Note, so we’re going to see if Samsung might come up with another way that will make sure you don’t lose the accessory. Still, it seems logical that Samsung lets the S series work with the S Pen, especially because the screen size of smartphones continues to increase every s21 65 watt charger

65 watt fast charger?

In addition, GalaxyClub has discovered that Samsung is working on a 65-watt fast charger that has the model number ‘EP-TA865’. In addition, we know that the new charger has a power of 65 watts from the last digits in its model number, just like Samsung’s 45-watt charger has the model name ‘EP-TA845’. Earlier we saw that OPPO and OnePlus release such a powerful charger with their phones. With the Find X2 Pro, for example, you can fully charge the device in 38 minutes. It is not yet known whether the new charger will appear in the S21 or the Note 21 series.

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