How to take screenshots on your Mac (Book)

Taking a screenshot (also known as a print screen or screenshot) on your Mac is quick and easy, but you need to know the right key combinations. We show you how to take screenshots on your Mac.

How to take a screenshot on your Mac?

Windows keyboards generally include the clear ‘Printscreen’ button. It is not found on a MacBook or iMac keyboard, but there are special key combinations to take a screenshot. A big advantage of macOS is that you can also capture part of the screen – here’s how:

Screenshot of the entire screen with the key combination “ Shift + Cmd +3 ″

  • Take screenshots on your Mac by using the Shift-Cmd-3combination. Then you take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Screenshot of a cut-out of the screen with the key combination: “ Shift + Cmd +4 ″

  • Do you only want to keep part of your screen? Then use Shift-Cmd-4. The mouse icon then changes into a cross. Drag this over the part of which you want to take a screenshot, this creates a square. As soon as you let go, the screenshot will be taken.
  • The wrong area selected? Then press ‘Esc’ while dragging to select it again. Screenshots are automatically saved to your desktop. It is also possible to immediately copy the screenshot to the clipboard. To do this, press the key combination and simultaneously hold the Control key. This way you can quickly process screenshots in a document or e-mail.
  • Do you want to take a screenshot of one specific window? Then, after pressing Shift-Cmd-4, press the spacebar. The mouse icon now changes into a camera. Move the camera icon over the desired window so that it turns blue. Click to take a screenshot. You can also press ‘Esc’ to start over.

Screenshot toolbar with the key combination: “ Shift + Cmd + 5 ″

Since macOS Mojave, there is a third way to take all kinds of screenshots with the screenshot toolbar. Press Shift-Command-5 to open the screenshot toolbar. This will appear at the bottom of your display.How to take a screenshot on your Mac

Three options let you take screenshots as is also possible with the other two key combinations, namely your full screen, a window, or a selection. The other two buttons let you take a screenshot.

To close this panel again, press the cross or Escape. Via the Options button in the panel, you can choose where the screenshots should be saved. You can also choose that the screenshot is only taken after five or ten seconds after pressing. If you want to move the toolbar, drag it on the left corner of the screen.

Edit screenshots quickly

When you take a screenshot, a small preview will appear at the bottom of the screen by default. If you click on this, you can quickly edit the screenshot. This way you can easily add text or notes before it is saved. From here it is also easy to quickly share your screenshot, for example via Mail or a shared folder. To open it in an editing program to edit the image more extensively, you must open the screenshot from the file location.

Collect screenshots

The screenshots automatically gather on your desktop. Finder gives you a small preview of files, so you can preview them briefly before opening them. With the so-called ‘Quick actions’ you can quickly perform short actions from Finder, such as rotating a photo or merging multiple files into PDF.

You don’t have to worry that your Mac’s desktop will fill up in a short time, as the Stacks feature automatically brings files together. In fact, they are folders in which, for example, all images, PDFs and other file formats are collected. If you click on such a collection, all files will appear. Useful if you regularly take screenshots.

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