Google called to account, now a choice of 12 search engines in Android

From September you will be able to choose from 12 possible search engines in a selection screen when setting up your Android phone. Google’s system in which it auctions positions in the selection screen to search engines is disappearing.

Search engines in Android

Google is making changes to its selection screen for search engines. That’s the screen you use to choose your default search engine when you first set up your phone. The four options give way to a longer list of 12 search engines, and companies can no longer put down money to appear in the options menu.

In 2018, the European Commission (EC) slapped Google firmly on the fingers, an understatement, because the company then had to deposit 4.34 billion euros because it competes unfairly with its search engine and the Chrome browser. At the order of the EC, Google therefore introduced a search engine selection screen last year where its own search engine is displayed along with four others.

Google’s current selection screengoogle search engine android

Who offers more?

That system will not last long, and that has to do with Google’s selection system for the four search engines that can be seen in the menu. Every four months, Google lets different search engines compete with each other to see who gets a place in the selection menu, next to Google itself. Such an auction was always separate for each country. That approach was seen as an extra credit to the tech giant, and the system could count on a lot of criticism from search engines.

The EC also considers that the auction is not a fair selection method, which is why Google will now come up with a longer list of 12 search engines from September. That is what the company announces. You will be able to scroll through the list when setting up your phone, and it will show search engines in random positions. Only the top five most popular in your country will appear at the top anyway. Search engines can submit their candidacy, but they are required to be available in the language of the country they wish to apply for, or in English.

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