Tip: this is how you set a silent alarm on your Apple Watch

Are you an early riser, but don’t want to wake your partner? Then you can set a silent alarm on your Watch and wake up with gentle taps on your wrist. That is how it works.

How to set silent alarm apple watch

Of course, if you have to set your alarm early, your partner may not need to get up yet. Even if you take a nap on the plane, for example, it is useful not to disturb others with your alarm clock. That is why it is possible to set a silent alarm on your Apple Watch. Instead of sound, you only feel small taps on your wrist. That is how it works.

  1. First set an alarm on your watch;
  2. Open the Alarm Clock app on your Apple Watch (an orange icon with a clock);
  3. Tap on ‘New alarm clock’ and set the working time;
  4. Tap Set.

To then turn this into a silent alarm, simply switch on silent mode:

  1. Swipe up from the watch face on your Watch screen;
  2. Press the bell icon to turn on silent mode.

apple watch silent modeAs soon as it is time to get up, you will feel small taps on your wrist, but you will not hear any sound. It is also possible to enable silent mode via your Watch app on your iPhone. To do this, tap the ‘My Watch’ tab and then ‘Hear & Feel’. Turn on the switch behind ‘Silent mode’.

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