Siri in 2021: 5 Amazing Things Your Assistant Can Do for You

People with an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch undoubtedly sometimes use Siri. The assistant is able to help you in many different ways. But do you really make optimal use of the possibilities?

Apple’s smart assistant is capable of more than you may know at this point. That is why we have listed five useful things Siri can do for you in 2021.

Siri in 2021: the assistant can do this for you

Whether it’s setting an alarm, switching off your smart lighting or doing a quick calculation: Siri can help you in many cases. In the past few years, the smart assistant has really become a lot smarter and now has an arsenal of qualities.

Below five useful functionalities that Siri can do for you in 2021:

# 1 Recognize music

Number one is one that I have been making optimal use of for years. Siri is, thanks to the Shazam integration on your iPhone, able to recognize music. When you hear a good song on the radio or on TV, it is possible to ask which number it is exactly. By the question “Hey Siri, what song is this?” the assistant listens to the music. Does the assistant recognize the number? Then you will not only see the title, but also the artist. Very handy!

# 2 Send message via WhatsApp

Siri has been able to work with third-party apps since 2016. Having the smart assistant send a message via WhatsApp has since then also been possible. Very useful when you have to answer someone quickly, but you have your hands full. Activate Siri and then say “Send (contact name) a message via Whatsapp”. You will then be asked what should be in the message. You dictate the text and Siri does the rest!

# 3 Play a short game

Are you in the mood for a game, but have you lost that damn die again? Then it’s nice to know that Siri is always there for you. The assistant is able to roll a die for you. Activate Siri and say “roll a die”. You will then be told a number between one and six.

In addition to a built-in die, Siri, unlike most people in 2021, also has a coin in his pocket. So you can always ask for a simple head or tail if necessary.Siri logo

# 4 Playing the sarcastic Siri

Besides a lot of knowledge, Siri also has a healthy dose of humour. There are a lot of questions it will seriously answer, but luckily also some that it addresses sarcastically. For example, you can ask how much zero divided by now is or who the best assistant is. Just give it a try!

Oh, and while you’re at it! Feel free to ask Siri to beatbox. You are not going to regret it.

# 5 Getting a taxi

Just like WhatsApp, parties such as Uber make good use of the Siri possibilities. For example, you can ask the assistant to arrange an Uber. You simply indicate that you need one, indicate the number of passengers and the destination and the rest goes without saying.

More useful Siri tips?

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