Want to buy smart plugs or power strips with HomeKit? These are your options

There are plenty of smart plugs, but not all of them are suitable for HomeKit. In this round-up, you’ll see our recommendations for smart plugs that work with HomeKit, so you can control them with Siri. We also list the best HomeKit power strips for you.

You can often make them as expensive as you want, those smart plugs. In this article we explain what smart plugs with HomeKit can do for you and you will see our recommendations. We also list the best smart power strips with HomeKit for you, if you need more than just one smart socket. A HomeKit power strip comes in handy in many situations, for example for your Christmas lights or a fan during hot summer days.

HomeKit plugs: our top 9

  • The best: Hue Smart Plug
  • Koogeek Smart Plug
  • Eve Energy
  • Satechi
  • Wemo Mini Smart Plug
  • Ledvance Smart +
  • IKEA Tradfri socket
  • Fibaro Wall Plug
  • Fibaro Single Switch
  • Meross
  • Gardena

HomeKit power strips: our top 4

  • The best: Meross power strip
  • Koogeek power strip
  • Eve power strip
  • VOCOlinc VP2

If you really want to go cheap, you will find even more plugs at the bottom of this article that you can operate with an app, but that work without HomeKit.

Our choice for a smart plug: Philips Hue Smart Plug

Measure energy consumption: no

Of course, we know Philips Hue from the smart lighting that the brand has been selling for years. They also have a smart plug. This works via Zigbee to the Philips Hue Bridge, but can also be operated via Bluetooth. Thanks to the link with the Hue Bridge, the Hue Smart Plug is of course compatible with HomeKit.

The idea is that you can connect your regular lighting to this smart plug. You can then control the timers with the Philips Hue app, or switch them on and off yourself. You can of course also plug in all other plugs, such as a television or printer. In addition to the app, you can also operate the plug with the button on the side. There is also a light that indicates the status of the plug.

Also works with: Google Assistant, Alexa
Hue Smart PlugHue Smart Plug Philips € 29.95

Reliable and affordable plug that works with all voice assistants.

Why should you buy this smart plug? Well, because it is one of the cheaper options. We also know from years of experience that Philips Hue delivers good quality and you can always count on it. The plug responds very quickly and is also compact enough for most outlets. Also, read our review of the Hue Smart Plug.


  • Apple€ 29.95
  • Hue smart plug with Bluetooth
  • Amac€ 29.95
  • Philips Hue – Smart plug
  • Alternate€ 29.99
  • Philips Hue smart plug switch power strip
  • Coolblue€ 32.95
  • Philips Hue Smart Plug
  • Conrad€ 34,
  • Philips Lighting Hue Adapter plug smart plug
Smart plugs and sockets with HomeKit

Smart plugs and sockets with HomeKit

If you are looking for a smart plug, also called a smart socket, it is best to choose one with HomeKit support. It offers you the possibility to control everything with Siri and you can also take the devices with you in scenes of HomeKit. You can then switch a series of devices on and off with one voice command. Smart plugs with HomeKit really only have one drawback: they are usually quite pricey. If you are looking for a cheaper solution with voice control, you can also look at smart plugs that work with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Indoors, these plugs can often be operated via Wi-Fi. You can also switch the plugs on and off remotely via 4G, but you must have a Home Hub for HomeKit, such as an Apple TV or iPad.

# 2 Koogeek Smart Plug

Measure energy consumption: yes, only via your own app

The Koogeek Smart Plug is a smart plug with HomeKit, but it also works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The big advantage is that the plug works with Wi-Fi and responds very quickly. As with the other smart plugs with HomeKit, you can control connected accessories with Siri. It is made of shiny white plastic, which makes it look a bit less elegant than the competition.

A new version of this Koogeek plug appeared in the spring of 2021, so make sure you have the most recent one. This can be recognized by the fact that there is no longer a large logo on the front. Its predecessor was a bit bigger (6.5 by 6.5 centimetres) and could get in the way if you wanted to connect other plugs to the same power point.

smart plugs homekit

For around € 30 you have a compact plug that works on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. You don’t need a separate bridge for control via HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant. At the top, you will find a switch to manually switch the plug on and off. There is also a child lock.

You can view the power consumption via the manufacturer’s app because HomeKit does not yet support this function.

Read our Koogeek Smart Plug review for more info. This does, however, relate to the earlier version.
Also works with: Alexa, Google Assistant

View the Koogeek Smart Plug: at Amazon DE or soon via Amazon NLALSO LOOK AT

# 3 Eve Energy

Measure energy consumption: yes, only via your own app

If you want to smartly control any device with HomeKit, you can do that with Eve Energy (formerly Elgato). You plug this smart plug into the socket and then connect an electronic device to it. Thanks to this clever cutaway piece, you can suddenly control the connected device with your iPhone or iPad: via the Eve app or by giving a Siri command, because it works with HomeKit after all. In the app, you can consult all kinds of data, such as consumption and the possibility to switch a device on and off. There is a button on the side with which you can also switch the plug on and off without an app. Handy when your iPhone is not at hand. A disadvantage of Eve Energy is that it mainly communicates via Bluetooth, which has the limitation that the distance between iPhone and plug or between plug and Homekit hub must not be too great. The response speed via Bluetooth is also slower than with plugs that are connected via Wi-Fi. If you have a HomePod mini, the plug will also communicate via Thread. This is a lot faster and more reliable than Bluetooth. To learn more about Eve HomeKit products, read our dedicated guide.
Only works with HomeKit.



  • Amac € 34.95 – Eve Energy smart plug
  • Otto.nl € 38.94 – EVE Intermediate plug Energy smart plug with energy meter
  • Apple€ 39.95 – Eve Energy
  • Amazon.nl € 47.99 – Eve Energy – Smart plug and energy meter with built-in schedules, turn a connected light or device on or off, voice control, works without a bridge, Bluetooth, HomeKit
  • Coolblue € 51.99 – EVE Energy Smart Plug More prizes

# 4 Satechi smart plug

Measure energy consumption: yes, only via your own app

Satechi has a single and double smart plug for the EU. In appearance, it looks a bit like the Koogeek, but at 40 euros the Satechi is more at the price level of the Eve Energy. The double version is relatively cheaper at 60 euros. The single plug is relatively small, so other plugs still fit into the possibly adjacent socket. You can measure energy consumption via your own app.satechi smart plug

The double plug is one of the few of its kind and is a nice intermediate step from a regular plug and a whole power strip. So if you don’t have room for a full power strip with a cord, but one smart plug is not enough, then this is a great solution. These plugs work with the Satechi app and connect via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only). You can create and activate scenes via HomeKit and Siri. Just like the Eve, this smart plug keeps an eye on your energy consumption in real-time. Special consideration has been given to a somewhat more compact design for European sockets, without blocking the adjacent socket.

Satechi double smart plug

# 5 Wemo Mini Smart Plug with HomeKit

This smart plug connects directly to HomeKit and can then be operated via the Home app and other HomeKit applications. Not via the Wemo app, which is actually a strange choice.

If you want to place this smart plug in a tight space, then you’re in the right place, because at 5.3 by 5.7 centimetres it is still quite compact. You can connect a maximum of 2300 Watt and the current strength is a maximum of 10 Amps. The connection via WiFi should provide a better range and a faster response time compared to Bluetooth. Incidentally, it only works on the 2.4GHz frequency.

Wemo Smart Plug with HomeKit

Another downside is that you don’t see any energy consumption, while you can with plugs from Eve and VOCOlinc, for example.

Check it out: Wemo Mini Smart Plug ( € 24.95 at Apple

Wemo Smart Plug with HomeKit

There are many more smart plugs and in the round-up below, you will find the most important ones that work with HomeKit.

# 5 Ledvance Smart +

Measure energy consumption: unknown, probably not

Ledvance is a brand of Osram. There are two smart plugs in the range: the normal gray version that can be operated with an Osram app and this HomeKit version, which can be recognized by the white color. The Ledvance Smart + with HomeKit has been available since the end of 2018 and works via Bluetooth. Unlike Eve, you will not see any consumption statistics with this plug.
Also works with: Google Assistant, Amazon AlexaOsram Smart + HomeKit


  • Amazon.nl€ 29.95 – LEDVANCE SMART + Plug /
  • Conrad€ 34, – LEDVANCE SMART + BT Plug (2) 4058075208513 Bluetooth Power Socket

# 6 IKEA Tradfri outlet

Measure energy consumption: no

The IKEA Tradfri plugs are already available and recently have support for HomeKit as well. The advantage of this plug is that it is cheap, because it only costs ten euros. You can operate the plug with the IKEA Tradfri app, but also with a normal remote control. Thanks to HomeKit, you can automate it with all your devices. Please note that you need a Tradfri hub.
Also works with: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

View the IKEA Tradfri plug at IKEA ( approx. 10 euros )

ikea tradfri plug

# 7 Fibaro Wall Plug

Measure energy consumption: no

It is not really beautiful, but that applies to more products from Fibaro. This plug has a luminous ring that indicates the power consumption. The color runs from blue to purple (from low to high consumption), so you can immediately see from the outside whether it is better to switch off a device due to high power consumption. In the Fibaro app you can view even more data about the power consumption of the plug. A disadvantage is that it is slightly less suitable for the bedroom due to the lighting, if that really bother you.

Fibaro Wall Plug with colors

Please note that there are two versions of the Fibaro plug, both marked ‘type F’. One is intended for the Fibaro system, communicates via Z-Wave and works with the Toon thermostat, among other things. The other is for HomeKit. Read more about the Fibaro Wall Plug in our article.
Only works with HomeKit.

# 8 Fibaro Single Switch

Measure energy consumption: no

This is a built-in switch for the socket. This means you no longer need a smart plug because the chip in the socket immediately connects to HomeKit. Check in advance whether it fits, because the installation material is quite large and not everyone has a lot of space behind the socket. Can also be placed behind a light switch.
Only works with HomeKit


Amazon.nl€ 53.04ViewFIBARO HomeKit Single Switch / iOS Bluetooth Relay Switch, Wireless On-Off Release, FGBHS-213Coolblue€ 55.99Fibaro Single Switch HomeKitAlternate€ 59.90ViewFibaro Single Switch 2.5 kW switch 1 x 2.5 kW, Apple Homekit

# 9 Meross plugs

Measure energy consumption: no

Meross is a mid-range brand for HomeKit products that is booming. It works with HomeKit and Siri , Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings. There are different models, including a double plug. Via the Meross app you can also arrange all kinds of things, such as a time schedule or timer for switching on and off. You can also switch off the devices automatically after an x ​​number of minutes.

Meross outside power strip

In addition, Meross has another interesting socket, intended for the outdoors. This WiFi outdoor socket has two connections and is equipped with a large on/off button. This one also works with HomeKit, Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and also with IFTTT. The IP44 waterproof housing is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can withstand splash water and rain. However, you must avoid submersion. Handy for the garden, patio and landscape lighting.


  • Meross double plug
  • WiFi outdoor socket black with 2 connections

# 10 Gardena Smart Power Adapter

Measure energy consumption: no

A smart plug can also come in handy in your garden. The Gardena Smart Power Adapter is a plug that you can plug into your socket. The plug is splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your garden sprinkler or a heavy rain shower. The plug has a timer function and can of course be linked with HomeKit. Keep in mind that you need the Gardena Smart base station.
Also works with: IFTTT

Gardena Smart Power Adapter

View the Gardena Smart Power Adapter: via Wehkamp
View the Gardena Smart base station: via Coolblue
 or separate Gardena Gateway (+ – € 100, limited availability)

More options for smart plugs (no HomeKit)

There are even more options to control your plugs remotely. These options work without HomeKit:

  • KlikAanKlikUit power strip switch: approx. 18 euros
  • TP-Link Smart Plug: approx. 30 to 40 euros
  • HiHome plugs: available at MediaMarkt for approx. 25 euros.
  • Hombli: Dutch brand for lamps and plugs, among other things. Doesn’t work with HomeKit, but it works with Siri , Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • Innr smart plug: see prices below

Smart power strips with HomeKit

In addition to a single plug, there are also various power strips with HomeKit. A HomeKit power strip usually has three or more outlets, sometimes with additional USB inputs. The advantage is that with such a HomeKit power strip you can only occupy one socket in the wall and you can immediately connect a lot of devices and operate them via HomeKit. The sockets in such a power strip can be operated individually and are therefore ideal for the office or with the Christmas lights.

  • The best: Meross power strip
  • Koogeek power strip
  • Eve power strip
  • VOCOlinc VP2

Our choice for a smart power strip with HomeKit: Meross power strips

Measure energy consumption: no

The range of HomeKit power strips is a bit more limited than single plugs, but we think the models from Meross have the best price-quality ratio. The Meross power strips with HomeKit are affordable and have a sleek appearance. They are made of white plastic like most power strips, but they certainly don’t feel cheap. The rubber feet at the bottom ensure that it stays in place.

You don’t even have to use the manufacturer’s app to use the power strip. You can easily connect the Meross power strip to HomeKit via the Home app. There is a model with three sockets and four USB ports, but there is also one with no less than four sockets and four USB ports. The power strip responds quickly. You can operate the four USB ports as one group via HomeKit. There is also surge protection on it. With the single physical button you can also turn everything off at once.

Also works with: Google Assistant, Alexa
FROM € 39.95


  • Three plugs, four USB ports: € 39.99
  • Four plugs, four USB ports: € 44.99

# 2 Koogeek power strip

Measure energy consumption: yes, only via your own app

We mentioned the problem with the Koogeek that smart plugs are quite large so that they can block the other inputs in a power strip. Koogeek has the solution for this with a smart power strip, which is equipped with 3 connections, each of which can be operated separately with HomeKit. The sockets can handle a maximum of 3,000 Watt and there is a 150 cm long cable to connect the whole to a normal socket.

Please note that only the sockets of this power strip can be operated with HomeKit, you cannot control the USB ports. The advantage of this one is that each outlet also has its own physical switch.Koogeek power strip homekit

Incidentally, this power strip is a jack of all trades, because it works with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant. The connected devices appear as a switch in the Home app. You also get detailed information about the power consumption via the Koogeek app.
Also works with: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Check out the Koogeek power strip: about € 68 via Amazon

# 3 Eve power strip

Measure energy consumption: yes, only via your own app

The Eve Energy Strip (or Power Strip) is a power strip with three connections that you can control separately. This power strip is made of sturdy aluminium. You can see the energy consumption via the Eve app on the iPhone. The connections are protected against overload. What is special is that the Eve Power Strip uses Wi-Fi for the connection, while this manufacturer usually opts for Bluetooth. Wi-Fi improves range and connectivity. The space between the sockets is large so that cables do not get in each other’s way. The power strip is therefore on the hefty side. Unfortunately, there are no USB ports.
Only works with HomeKiteve energy strip homekit power strip specs


  1. Amac€ 89.95 – Eve Energy Strip
  2. Amazon.nl€ 94.14 – Eve Energy Strip – Smart power strip with three connections and energy meter, equipped with protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, voltage peaks and with HomeKit technology
  3. Coolblue€ 99.95 – Eve Energy Strip
  4. Apple€ 99.95 – Eve Energy Strip – connected triple socket

# 4 VOCOlinc VP2 power strip

Measure energy consumption: unknown

The Vocolink VP2 has four connections, which you can switch separately. The VP2 works via HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The power strip can also be operated and set with its own Linkwise app. All connections and the power strip itself are protected against overload, temperature exceedance, short circuit and more. The Vocolinc connects via Wi-Fi. Another smart thing is that the sockets are turned slightly so that the cables do not get in each other’s way. The disadvantage is that current and historical consumption is not measured.

There’s even more choice if you’re looking for a HomeKit power strip, but we’ll cover the best options here. If you are only looking for a model that works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa or only with its own app, then the choice is even wider.

What can you do with smart plugs and power strips?

Smart plugs and power strips offer all kinds of possibilities. This way you can control your Christmas tree remotely, even if the lights of the Christmas tree cannot be controlled remotely. Another good application is making a fan smarter when it’s warm or making an electric blanket smarter when the temperature gets colder. But there are also applications that are less suitable, such as a coffee maker. You will always have to add coffee and water yourself. Devices that don’t require further interaction are best suited.

The advantage of a smart socket is that you can make a dumb device smart. This is useful if many of your products in the house are smart, but not all of them. Without having to replace a device, you can connect it to your existing accessories. Such a smart socket can also be automated right away. For example, turn on the fan as soon as it gets above 25 degrees. Or turn on a simple desk lamp as soon as movement is detected. You do not need to bring an entire system for smart lighting into your home.

Smart plugs with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Zigbee

The smart plugs and sockets that we discussed in this article have three ways to connect: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Zigbee.

Suitable products: IKEA smart plug, Philips Hue Smart Plug

As far as we could tell, IKEA and Philips Hue are the only manufacturers that use Zigbee for the plugs. This does require a hub, such as IKEA’s own. From a technical point of view, a Zigbee remote would also suffice with which you can directly control the accessories. But if you want to use HomeKit, you will need a Zigbee-capable hub or bridge that connects to your network.

Bluetooth :
Suitable products: Eve Energy, Ledvance, Fibaro Single Switch, Philips Hue Smart Plug

A connection via Bluetooth can be useful, but it has a more limited range. Especially if the power strip is far from the HomeKit hub, this can cause problems with remote control. Bluetooth 5.0 has the longest range and is, therefore, the best option. The Philips Hue Smart Plug only uses Bluetooth if you don’t have a Hue hub, but you will miss the HomeKit functions.

Suitable products: Eve Energy Strip, Koogeek, Osram, Parce Plus, Fibaro Wall Plug, Sinbeda, Meross

These plugs connect directly to your router and have a better range thanks to the stronger radio. Please note that some products require a 2.4GHz network, so in that case you must make sure you have a mesh network or use a separate 2.4GHz network for this. However, this frequency is often delayed because it is slow and may cause interference with other wireless devices.


For handy types, there is even more possible when it comes to making devices suitable for HomeKit. You use a Raspberry Pi in combination with Homebridge for this. In our explanation, you will find the step-by-step plan how to approach it.

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