Selling your smartphone: 6 tips to prepare

Are you going to sell your smartphone? With these 6 tips you are well prepared so that you don’t run into surprises later on.

Selling a smartphone: tips for preparation

Tech largest show Selling your smartphone is an easy way to make some extra money. Perhaps so that you can pay for that one new device? Or maybe you pass on your old device to a friend or family member, without asking anything in return. Whatever you do, there are a number of things to keep in mind before passing on or selling your device.

1. Make a backup

Before you delete your device and prepare it for sale, you should check whether there is a current backup. There are several ways to backup your Android device. The easiest way is to do this through your Google account. When setting up your new device, you log in with your Google account and easily restore the backup.

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2. Reset your device to factory settings

Then it is wise to erase your smartphone. For example, the new owner can set the device himself, and there is no chance that you will find photos or messages from you, for example. You can delete by resetting the device to factory settings. When the new owner then boots the smartphone, Android is like new again. Every trace of your use has disappeared. A factory reset does not work the same on every device.

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3. Remove all tickets

Then you must not forget to remove all your (memory) cards. First of all, your SIM card. Of course you do not want someone to work with your phone number, with all its consequences.Remove all tickets

Also don’t forget to remove your memory card. It may contain photos or other personal files. This card is not deleted when you reset your device to factory settings. You must therefore first delete these files if you also want to pass the card on, or you can remove the card completely.

4. Clean your device

Now that your device is completely clean inside again, it is also very neat to do that on the outside. Use a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth. If necessary, you can slightly moisten a cloth, but use as little water as possible. Do not use any aggressive cleaning agents and do not spray anything directly on the device.

In addition, it is quite possible that the different inputs of your device have collected dust. By blowing gently, it is usually easy to remove. Do not scrape the entrances empty with sharp objects, otherwise you can seriously damage the device.

5. Collect the accessories

Do you still have the different accessories? Then it is so neat to collect it and possibly put everything in the original packaging. Think of the earplugs and charger that came with the device. Do you no longer have these accessories or do you want to keep them? Please state this clearly when selling your device, so that the new owner is not faced with surprises.Collect the accessories

6. Take good photos

By taking good photos of your device, you not only make the product more attractive, but the buyer also knows better where it stands. Provide good light and a clear angle and show the smartphone from all sides. You are now ready to sell your smartphone. Good luck!

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