Spotify Car Thing: music service comes with gadget for your car

Music service Spotify has released a new gadget; Spotify Car Thing, which should make playing music on Spotify in the car easier. The device was previously tested and now it is actually released.

Spotify Car Thing

Swedish Spotify has announced a new gadget that can come in handy in the car. the device has been given the name Spotify Car Thing. The gadget is equipped with a touchscreen screen with a large rotary knob. According to Spotify, this gadget is not there to compete with the well-known infotainment display in the car but should serve as a supplement and more ease of use for Spotify users. This device is not only useful for listening to your music, but you also have podcasts at your fingertips.spotify-car-thing-gadget-in-auto

The device is operated via the large rotary knob, small push button, touch screen, or voice control. For this, Spotify Car Thing is equipped with the Spotify voice assistant that was made available earlier. On top of that, we also see several keys to quickly confirm a certain choice. The music service announces that the device is equipped with four microphones. You should also be able to hear these when your music is a bit louder.

Spotify Car Thing is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The device can be connected to the car speakers via Bluetooth or an AUX cable. For now, the device is only available in the United States, for an amount of $ 80. Users residing in America can sign up to receive the product for shipping only. It is not whether Spotify Car Thing is also coming to our country.

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