Spotify increases subscription prices: you have to pay that much now

Spotify is announcing new rates for its premium subscriptions that will take effect for current subscribers from June. Prices rise to three euros per month. New Spotify users will have to pay more from May.

Spotify increases subscription prices

Spotify is going to increase the price for some of its subscriptions. These are the Duo, Family and Student formulas, which will cost more from June for current subscribers to the music service. Prices for new subscribers will also increase from May. Current Spotify Premium subscribers will be notified by email of the price increase, according to The Verge.

New Spotify prices:
  • Spotify Premium Duo: from 12.99 eurosto 13.99 euros
  • Spotify Premium Family: from14.99 eurosto 17.99 euros
  • Spotify Premium Student: from4.99 eurosto 5.99 euros

Spotify in the first place increases the price of its Family subscription because it adds three euros monthly costs. The rate for two people and the formula for students will each increase by one euro. It is striking that the individual rate of Spotify retains its current price of 9.99 euros per month.Spotify subscriptions

‘New products’

According to Spotify, the new prices are intended to be able to offer new products and features for its subscribers, but the increase will still be a bitter pill to swallow for many. Analysts also expect that the strong growth Spotify experienced in recent months during the pandemic will slow down. Certainly, because competition is also constantly increasing.

At the time of writing, the new rate for Duo is already visible on the Spotify website, but otherwise, we see the old rates for the other subscriptions. According to rumors, Spotify is also coming this week with subscriptions specifically for podcasts, and with that, it will compete with Apple, which was the first to introduce such a subscription.

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