‘Spotify will finally play local music soon’

Spotify is working behind the scenes on a function that allows you to play local music files. So you can play the music files on your phone, but it is not clear whether it is a free or premium function.

Spotify local music

Recently, Google Play Music took its last breath and YouTube Music is emerging as a replacement. Just like in Play Music, Google’s new music service allows users to play their local music files, including the music purchased in the app. New information indicates that Spotify also has plans for such a function.

It concerns a leak from the well-known reverse engineering expert Jane Machun Wong. She shows a functionality on Twitter that she discovered in Spotify’s code. It is an ‘Import section’ in the settings, and users will have the chance to display all local music on their phone in Spotify’s library.

Premium or free?

However, things are still unclear. For example, we don’t know when the feature will be ready, but it’s also unknown if Spotify will make this possible for free users, just like YouTube Music. It could also be a feature available exclusively to Premium subscribers to the music service.

It was previously possible to add local music to Spotify, but that did not work via the app. You could only sync music files on your PC via Spotify. We also know that there are even more strong functions that Spotify is still working on behind the scenes. Here are five more really interesting features that are still in development. Do not forget to check your Spotify Wrapped from 2020.

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