How to share the best moment in a Spotify podcast

Spotify has made it easier to share a podcast with family and friends. By using a timestamp you instantly share the most interesting part of the show with family and friends.

Share a podcast in Spotify

Podcasts are becoming increasingly important to Spotify and, according to the company, a quarter of all users now listen to them. Sharing a podcast was not so nice until now because some shows can last for hours.

Spotify has therefore now built in a timestamp (or in English: timestamp). This allows you to instantly share the most interesting part of a show. It works like this:

  1. First download the latest version of Spotify from the App Store;
  2. Check? Now go to the podcast episode you want to share;
  3. Tap the share icon at the bottom right of the screen;
  4. Slide the switch at “Share from [timestamp]”;
  5. Now choose where you want to share the podcast piece, such as WhatsApp, Instagram or via a link.

As soon as the recipient clicks on your link, he or she can immediately listen to the fragment. The new function is therefore ideal as a conversation starter, for example. Sometimes the host of a podcast will say something interesting that you want to talk about with your friends. You cannot timestamp a normal song.

Sharing music, only more beautiful

Spotify also announced two functions to make music sharing more beautiful. You can now also use Spotify Canvas on Snapchat. With Canvas, artists can add a moving clip to their music, instead of a static background. You could share Spotify Canvas on Instagram before.

The submenu itself has also been addressed. The layout has been overhauled and you will now see a preview when you share a Spotify Canvas on social media. That way you immediately see what the clip looks like on your Snapchat or Instagram profile.

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